Mikołaj Roznerski about his anorexia. “At my worst, I weighed 39 to 41 kilos.”

Mikołaj Roznerski about his anorexia.  “At my worst, I weighed 39 to 41 kilos.”

Mikołaj Roznerski admitted in one of the television programs that as a teenager he faced a serious problem, which in Poland is still treated as a whim, rather than a disease that is dangerous to health and life. “I was lucky to be where I am, but I know examples where girls (…) did not survive it.”

Mikołaj Roznerski is a famous actor. He performs on the stage of various theaters. It can also be watched on both small and large screens. He appeared in productions such as “Fire Festival”, “Gierek” and “Asymmetry”. However, the role of Marcin Chodakowski in the series “M jak miłość” brought him the greatest popularity. The artist “opened up” about his childhood in one of the television programs. As a teenager, he developed an eating disorder.

Mikołaj Roznerski and his fight against anorexia

Mikołaj Roznerski admitted that he suffered from anorexia as a child. The disease was somehow the result of difficult experiences. The artist experienced his parents' divorce hard. He also didn't have very good relationships with his peers. “I was always bigger. My classmates (…) teased me in class. When I was riding a bus, they always said, 'You fat person, get out of the aisle because you're covering the window in the bus,'” he said in an interview. All these factors led to the development of the disease. The actor lost so much weight that he was admitted to a child psychiatry ward. “At my worst, I weighed 39 to 41 kilos. “I wasn't as exhausted as my colleagues from the unit,” he noted.

The actor admitted that he coped with the disease: “You have to have control over it, and not let it control you. It's a bit like alcoholism,” he emphasized. Physical activity helped him overcome the problem. The artist uses 24-hour gyms. He can get up at four in the morning to go to training before breakfast and leaving for the shooting.

Mikołaj Roznerski spoke loudly about his experiences to raise awareness of anorexia. He also actively supports the activities of organizations that help people struggling with eating disorders. One of them is the Tree of Life Foundation.

Symptoms and treatment of anorexia

One of the basic symptoms of anorexia (anorexia nervosa) is conscious refusal to eat. Patients give up eating for fear of gaining weight. They drastically limit the amount and calorie content of food consumed. Often their only meal a day is an apple or a few leaves of lettuce. In the course of the disease, the body is extremely damaged. Hormonal disorders, depression, apathy, lack of energy, etc. appear. It is worth emphasizing that patients also have a severely disturbed image of their own body. They describe themselves as fat and fatty people. They assume that even the smallest amount of food consumed will lead to drastic weight gain.

Treatment of anorexia is a long process that requires the involvement of many specialists (doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.). Hospitalization is often necessary. The primary goal of therapy is to restore normal body weight and eliminate nutritional deficiencies. Psychotherapy is carried out in parallel. Thanks to it, the patient can change the way he perceives food and look at himself and his body differently.

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