The law on the morning-after pill was vetoed. Leszczyna: We have a regulation prepared

The Minister of Health announces changes regarding abortion.  It's about contracts with hospitals

Izabela Leszczyna commented on the presidential veto of the “morning-after pill” bill. – He is simply an opponent of women – she said about Andrzej Duda. She announced that the ministry had prepared “plan B”.

President Andrzej Duda vetoed the amendment to the Pharmaceutical Law, which provides for access to the morning-after pill without a prescription for people aged 15 and over. The head of state justified his decision with the opposition of parents and a petition he received asking for a veto, signed by 30,000 people. people.

Minister of Health on presidential veto

The president's actions were commented on by the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, on TVN24. – I don't think he can surprise us anymore. It was simply disappointing once again, she said. She also emphasized that his decision affected not only her, but also millions of Polish women. – He behaved hypocritically – she said about Andrzej Duda.

The head of the Ministry of Health emphasized that the head of state cannot call himself a “pro-life” and “opponent of abortion”, while at the same time prohibiting Polish women from having free access to “completely safe emergency contraception, available in 25 European Union countries”. However, she assured that the government has found a way to bypass this obstacle and intends to implement it soon.

Izabela Leszczyna announces the regulation

– We have prepared a regulation which, of course, refers to the Act on health services financed from public funds and the Act on the profession of pharmacist – announced Minister Leszczyna. She explained that based on it, pharmacists will be authorized to conduct consultations and then issue prescriptions and dispense tablets. She also emphasized that these are fully competent people who have acquired knowledge about the impact of drugs on the human body over five years of studies.

The politician announced that the regulation will be submitted for public consultations just after Easter and she hopes that it will come into force at the beginning of May. She also admitted that she did not believe that President Duda would consider changing his mind on this matter if the pills were allowed to be issued to people over 18 years of age. – He is simply anti-women – she concluded.

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