An important appeal by Szymon Marciniak. He asked the fans for one thing

An important appeal by Szymon Marciniak.  He asked the fans for one thing

Szymon Marciniak, one of the best referees in the world, started Euro 2024. Although he did not officiate the first match, he made an important appeal to the fans. He asked them for one thing

In the opening match of Euro 2024, Germany defeated Scotland 5-1. The referee for this match was Clement Turpin, who refereed the match without any major problems, but he still made mistakes. VAR had to intervene in as many as three situations to help and correct the decisions of the French referee.

VAR interventions in the opening match

The first situation occurred in the 25th minute, when Turpin whistled “eleven” after a foul on Jamal Musiala. The foul was obvious, but after video verification it turned out that the offense occurred just outside the penalty area.

The second VAR intervention occurred in the 43rd minute, when Turpin did not whistle a brutal foul on Ilkay Gundogan. The German was ruthlessly attacked by the Scot. Fortunately, Jerome Brisard, who was sitting in the car that day, was alert and reacted. Ultimately, this situation resulted in a penalty kick and a red card for Ryan Porteous. The third VAR intervention took place in the 76th minute. Turpin’s assistants did not catch an offside call on Fulkrug’s goal.

Szymon Marciniak’s appeal to fans

There was a lot of talk about Szymon Marciniak being able to coach the opening match. However, this did not happen. The sharp reactions of the Germans, who strongly criticized the Pole after the Bayern Munich-Real Madrid match in the Champions League semi-finals, may have had an impact. Our western neighbors did not like one of the decisions, which most likely deprived the Bavarians of a goal and a chance to go to extra time.

For now, it is not known which matches Szymon Marciniak will coach. Despite this, the 43-year-old appealed to fans via his Instagram. “EURO 2024 is just starting for us, keep your fingers crossed. Best regards,” he wrote.

Although we do not know which match Szymon Marciniak will be assigned to, the situation is clear in the case of his assistants. Tomasz Kwiatkowski and Bartosz Frankowski, VAR referees in the Polish team, will be assistants no. 1 and 2 of Nejc Kajtazavic during the Hungary-Switzerland match. This clash will be led by Slavko Vibcic.

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