Polish volleyball players publish photos with the hashtag “#inept”. What is it about?

Polish volleyball players publish photos with the hashtag "#inept".  What is it about?

Polish volleyball players defeated the Bulgarians 3-0 in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games. Although the rivals were able to threaten the White and Reds a few times, they kept a cool head in key moments. After the match, they referred to the journalist’s words by publishing materials with the hashtag “#inept”.

The Polish national team has completed the second match of the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games. After a tiring 3-2 win over Belgium, there was a much quicker zero victory over Bulgaria. However, it cannot be said that Nikola Grbic’s players had it easy, as Martin Atanasov’s throw-in saved them from defeat in the first set.

Polish volleyball players react to the journalist’s text

Polish volleyball players had a lot of trouble winning against Belgium. The rivals had already won the entire match, but it was the Poles who showed more confidence in the end, winning the tie-break. After the match, there were many extreme opinions. Fans accustomed to certain victories expressed frustration with a sensational game that would almost end in defeat.

The achievement of Grbic’s volleyball players, who defeated Emmanuele Zanini’s team and went down in the history of the Polish national team, was slightly forgotten. Never before has any national team won 18 games in a row. The current team first equalized the score, then broke the record of Raul Lozano’s team. Thanks to the victory over Bulgaria, the counter keeps rising.

After the match, the national team’s players eagerly shared their publications on InstaStories with the hashtag “#inept”. Fans may have wondered what this slogan was related to. Łukasz Kaczmarek said that this concerned the publication of Łukasz Jachimiak from the website sport.pl, who, reporting on the match against Belgium, wrote that the national team “instead of a volleyball show, gave us a show of incompetence, lethargy, indolence.” The journalist’s earlier praise and explanations did not help. The volleyball players most likely took the editor’s words to heart, expressing their anger after the match against Plamen Konstantinov’s team.

Poland will play against Canada

The European champions will play their next Olympic qualifying match on Tuesday, October 3. Grbic’s team’s rival will be the Canadians, who have not lost a match in Xi’an yet.

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