Companies are looking for HR and payroll specialists. Large deficit on the labor market

This formula changed the labor market.  Employees enumerate its advantages

Employee recruitment, HR and payroll services and numerous challenges related to digitalization are currently some of the biggest problems for Polish entrepreneurs. This is not the end of the problems of companies that struggle with frequent changes in law and a short time to implement them. Company presidents are increasingly complaining about the shortage of HR and payroll specialists.

Numerous analyzes and research carried out by labor market specialists leave no doubt. Employers have a real problem with recruiting employees. Every third Polish company reports problems. A report prepared by the Randstad recruitment agency shows that in the first half of this year, as many as 16 percent companies did not fill all offered vacancies. Another 11 percent entrepreneurs had to lower the requirements for candidates, and 7 percent not only did she hire fewer employees than she wanted, but she also had to revise her expectations.

Labor market. Companies have problems with recruiting HR and payroll specialists

The surveyed entrepreneurs pay attention to another very important aspect. In many domestic companies, there is no one to recruit employees, handle their HR and billing. According to the report, there is a shortage of qualified HR and payroll specialists on the labor market.

“This is compounded by difficulties in finding replacements for these positions during holidays or L4,” we read. Every fifth respondent talks about these problems. This challenge is most often mentioned by representatives of companies employing from 50 to 249 people. 29% of people have this opinion. entrepreneurs.

HR and payroll. There are fewer and fewer specialists on the labor market

According to Katarzyna Plucińska, managing director at Randstad, this mainly concerns specialists, and one of the problems is that there is a lack of people who know HR and payroll issues very well, as well as English, which is increasingly required in companies, or the ability to quickly learn new technologies. . It may take up to several months to find such a candidate, he says.

Entrepreneurs also speak in a similar tone. In their opinion, frequent changes in the law, especially the short time for their implementation and the tedious adaptation of company documentation to new regulations are currently the biggest challenges in running a business in Poland and managing human resources and payroll.

Employers complain about the dynamics of legal changes

“Three out of four employers complain about the dynamics of legal changes. Entrepreneurs who employ 10 to 19 employees most often complain about this (86 percent of responses),” according to a study conducted by Randstad Payroll Solutions and the Pollster Research Institute.

There are also other challenges related to, among others: with the digitization of HR and payroll services, the introduction of new technologies, including e-signatures, e-files, employee portals, working time management applications and the preparation of specialists in this area.

Numerous changes in regulations create difficulties for employers

For many Polish companies, recent years have been a time of numerous changes in labor law, social security and the tax system.

Very large changes, e.g. regarding the calculation of wages or the tax system, the content and method of concluding contracts, affected all companies, and were introduced quickly and surprisingly for employers. Expert knowledge and many years of experience are required to understand and implement them correctly – adds director Katarzyna Plucińska.

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