Pierzga – superfoods straight from the hive

Pierzga – superfoods straight from the hive

Perfectly organized bees know that in order to survive the winter, they need to stock up on supplies. Therefore, in the hive they collect not only honey, but also bee bread. Also called bee bread, it matures in the cells of the comb to provide insects with nutritious food rich in valuable ingredients.

What is bee bread?

Fuck it basic food of bees, which is produced by them inside the hive. It is made from a mixture of flower pollen, saliva and honey. Insects carry this mixture on their legs in the form of pollen lumps, which are then deposited in combs, where they ferment in the presence of lactic acid bacteria. The resulting bee bread has the form of irregular, hard lumps of dark brown color. It is characterized by a sour, slightly resinous taste.

Pierzga – Polish superfoods

Since hardworking bees consider bee bread to be their basic food, they cannot be wrong – bee bread pellets are a real treasure trove of the most valuable nutrients. For this reason, it fully deserves to be called a superfood.

The composition of bee bread contains, first of all, a large amount of protein, which is broken down into amino acids and is better absorbed. Some of them are exogenous amino acids, i.e. those that we must take with food because our body cannot produce them on its own. Those containing sulfur are particularly important. Its appropriate level in the body determines the proper condition of the skin, hair and nails. In addition, bee bread is also a source of fats, including particularly important EFAs – essential unsaturated fatty acids – linoleic, gamma-linolenic and peanut, as well as small amounts of phytosterols.

Pierzga is a real cocktail of vitality and health. It is the richest natural source of vitamins and macro- and microelements. It contains vitamins A and E – also needed by our skin and hair. Additionally, it contains vitamin C and most of the B vitamins – pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, vit. B1, B2, B3. Bioelements include basic minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, as well as trace elements: copper, zinc, selenium, silicon, chromium and manganese.

Bee bread for health

The richness of nutrients makes bee bread excellent for strengthening the body and improving immunity. It is also particularly recommended during periods of convalescence, for appetite problems, and for physically active people. The therapeutic effect of bee bread is used to support the treatment of diseases such as: chronic hepatitis, chronic tonsillitis, cardiac diseases, anemia resulting from iron deficiency, intestinal and stomach diseases and prostate-related diseases. It is also an ideal supplement to iron in a vegetarian diet!

How to use bee bread in your diet

Connoisseurs of savory flavors will certainly like the natural, sour taste of bee bread. You can simply chew its lumps. It is also worth treating them as a healthy sprinkle and slowly chewing and then swallowing. Optionally, you can add breadcrumbs dissolve in water, pouring a daily portion of the balls with lukewarm water and leaving to dissolve. Bee bread added to honey is perfect as a sweet snack and has double the strengthening power!

The usual preventive dose of bee bread is 10-20 g per day – eaten at once or divided into two parts. Always 30-45 minutes after a meal to avoid stomach problems. The daily dose of 30 g for an adult should not be exceeded. For children, the recommended daily intake is 5 – 10g.

Bee bee bread, like any natural bee product, may cause allergies. It is recommended to try a small amount of the product and check whether it causes an allergic reaction. People with pollen allergies should be especially careful.

Pierzga – only from a proven apiary

If you are looking for a way to natural immunity strengthening, bee bread should be on your shopping list. Introduce it into your diet permanently or periodically bee bread treatments for yourself and your entire family during periods of transitional weather, e.g. autumn and winter. In this simple way, you will increase your immunity and fight viruses and bacteria better!

It is best to buy bee bread from a proven beekeeper or from an apiary with good reviews from Internet users. Only then can you be sure that the product is of high quality, natural, but also obtained from the hive without harm to the bees. This is how experienced beekeepers from the Sadowski Family Apiaries do it. They collect bee bread, making sure the bees have enough food. Only then are the collected lumps packed into glass jars with a specially designed label.

Pierzga in jars of 100g and 200g is available at pasiekisadowskich.pl

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