Seat creates a new brand. Mó will produce ecological scooters and scooters

Seat creates a new brand.  Mó will produce ecological scooters and scooters

On June 16, in the Casa Seat center in Barcelona, ​​the Spanish manufacturer announced the creation of a new Seat Mó brand, focused on urban mobility – scooters and scooters.

The brand’s first vehicles are the Seat Mó eScooter 125 electric scooter and the Seat MóeKickScooter 65 electric scooter.

The urban mobility development strategy was announced by Seat during the City Expo World Congress in 2019. The Seat Mó brand, presented at Casa Seat in Barcelona, ​​was created to provide new services and products to make moving around the city easier.

The first part of the new brand’s strategy are two two-wheelers. The Mó eScooter 125 scooter and MóeKickscooter 65 electric scooter models have been designed to meet the diverse needs of an urban lifestyle. The introduction of vehicles to individual markets will be gradual and adapted to legal regulations in a given country.

Seat Mó eScooter 125

Seat has unveiled the production version of its first all-electric scooter, the Mó eScooter 125, which aims to make city travel easier and more environmentally friendly. The vehicle will have a 9 kW engine – equivalent to a 125 cm³ internal combustion engine – which will provide a maximum speed of 95 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

While driving, the driver will be able to use three driving modes: City, Sport and Eco. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5.6 kWh will provide a range of up to 125 km, which means that for private users, one charge will be enough for an average week of driving around the city. Charging the eScooter 125 will be possible not only at charging stations, but also at home.

Seat Mó eKickScooter 65

The second model presented at Casa Seat is the Mó eKickScooter 65 electric scooter. The vehicle’s battery with an increased capacity of 551 Wh provides a range of up to 65 km. The power of 350 W will allow you to overcome slopes with an inclination of 20 degrees. The eKickScooter 65 is equipped with tubeless pneumatic tires and a disc brake on the rear wheel. The maximum speed has been adjusted to regulations introduced in subsequent European countries and is 20 km/h. The driver of the eKickScooter 65 will be able to choose one of three driving modes – Eco, Drive or Sport.

Seat’s offer of two-wheelers is complemented by the Mó eKickScooter 25 electric scooter, previously known as Seat EXS KickScooter. The vehicle can travel up to 25 km on a single charge, and the maximum speed is set at 25 km/h.

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