Do not overpay for vegetables and fruits. Farmers invite you to self-harvest

Do not overpay for vegetables and fruits.  Farmers invite you to self-harvest

Blueberries and cherries don’t have to be expensive. They can be purchased for a quarter of the price. Similarly, cherries, plums and chokeberry. The cost is even 1-2 PLN/kg. You will not find such a price list at any local bazaar or market. Farmers invite customers to their fields to pick their favorite fruit. Some products are offered for free or for a symbolic amount.

“We cordially invite you to the capital of the plum – Szydłów, province. Świętokrzyskie. There are over 2,000 hectares of orchards, mainly plum trees” – this is one of many announcements that appeared on the web a few days ago. The others resound in a similar tone. We invite you to our blueberry plantation in Skarżysko-Kamienna. Collecting together will be an unforgettable trip. It will be a unique adventure for children the farmer argues.

Fruit below market price. It is cheaper to buy from the farmer

In this way, farmers, fruit growers and planters invite customers to their plantations, plots or fields for self-harvesting of fruit and vegetables. The offer is very rich. You can pick blueberries, plums, cherries, aronia, raspberries, currants, first summer apples and even broad beans. Growers post not only very detailed descriptions, but also photos of trees, shrubs and fruits. “Season 2023 has started. Beautiful fruit this year – you can see it on the bushes”.

Most of them offer their products at a much lower price than they can be purchased in supermarkets or local bazaars. The attention of Internet users is not only attracted by low prices. There is something else about the invitations, which can be seen not only in the titles or candid descriptions: “Currant from my grandfather’s orchard. There is a glut! We invite you to self-collection. You can pick healthy fruit for yourself and your family” – we read.

Cheap fruit from farmers. The low price is a lure

There are also those who invite by sharing their stories. “Some time ago we bought a plot of land with blueberries. We do not yet have experience in running such a plantation and we are not able to collect them all. That is why we encourage you to help and invite you to the blueberry self-harvest. The offered price of PLN 10 is almost three times lower than at the local bazaar. Another grower offers American blueberries at an even lower price, i.e. PLN 6 per kg.

Some growers have several hundred views, others over 1.5 thousand. Due to the huge interest of customers, some growers ask for an appointment for self-harvest in advance. Sometimes the common fruit harvest is canceled due to bad weather. The planters provide free parking, the ability to use the toilet and a place to eat a meal.

There’s nothing to hide. The lure that attracts buyers is the low price says Mr. Adam. He points out that there are many people who want cheap fruit. Sam invites a maximum of a dozen families a day. The greatest interest is on weekends. In July, the farmer set a fixed price for red currants. As he claims, he counts at cost, i.e. PLN 1 / kg. He would have to pay the person hired to collect it the same amount. So far, the farmer has not had many competitors, because others offered fruit at the price of PLN 2 or PLN 3 per kg.

Fruit for free. Farmers distribute black and red currants

Currently, with each subsequent week, the prices of currants are getting lower. “Collect for free, and if you think you can pay, please contact me” – proposes a farmer from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. “We don’t weigh, we don’t charge. Organic blackcurrants for free” – remarks Mr. Kazimierz from the Lubelskie Voivodeship.

A similar strategy was adopted in the second half of July by a farmer near Lublin, which we reported on the pages of The low price of currants discouraged Piotr Belcarz from harvesting the fruit every year. The man, not wanting to incur additional costs, decided on an unusual solution, encouraging everyone to collect currants free of charge. He also posted an unusual offer on his social network profile, giving the exact address for all interested people.

His form of protest or opposition against exploitation and low prices offered in the procurement was appreciated by Internet users. Some of them were ready to support the grower, others asked for sharing the post. Residents of the surrounding towns praised the initiative of their neighbor. Many of them willingly came to the rescue to help collect the currants.

Cheap fruit. Farmers: “call and ask for the price”

Not only cheap or free currants are very popular among customers. Internet users also call, wanting to collect and buy other products. “Call and ask for the price” farmers encourage. A kilo of aronia can be purchased for PLN 1. The price can be negotiated, the farmer points out.

You can buy apples from the first summer varieties (e.g. Geneva) cheaper. They cost only PLN 2/kg. The same apples at the bazaar cost 5-6 PLN/kg. Other varieties can be purchased for PLN 3.5/kg. On the other hand, we will pay PLN 2-3 for a kilogram of self-picked cherries. Broad beans are a bit more expensive, for which you have to pay PLN 7/kg. At other growers, prices vary slightly depending on the variety or organic cultivation.

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