Patostream is out of control. “She was snorting washing powder. “He’ll turn over here”

Patostream is out of control.  “She was snorting washing powder.  "He'll turn over here"

Polish streamer Kawiaq and his friend got a young girl drunk and then tried to throw her out of the apartment despite the low temperature outside. He recorded not only degrading scenes for her, but also his own, completely devoid of empathy reactions.

In the replays of the broadcast described here, which are circulating online, we see two young men “partying” with an equally young woman. They quickly take advantage of her alcohol intoxication and, by cheating in the “spin the bottle” game, get her to the point where she is only in her underwear. Everything is constantly filmed by the camera, and both patostreamers have fun humiliating their friend in front of the audience.

Patostreamer Kawiaq and a drunk girl. “This is a crime story”

After some time, however, the party turns into a nightmare. The barely conscious girl begins to vomit, and one of the partygoers wants to throw her out of the apartment in such a state. She strives for this, even though she anticipates that something serious may be happening to her. – This is a crime – the more sensible of the recording people admonishes his friend. – What for? – asks the second one. – For what we do, abuse – he hears in response.

– No, f**k her, old man, or the whole house will puke – she insists. – The cameraman was imprisoned for three months – points out the more cautious of the boys, recalling the famous case of a YouTuber nicknamed Kamerysta. – What for? – asks the previous voice. – For abusing the sick – he hears. – She’s not sick. F**k her out of the house. Please, the panicked streamer repeats.

Patostream at Kawiaq. “He’ll turn over, he’ll die here f***”

– There will be trouble, it will happen – we hear later in the replay. – Fuck her, man, please. She was snorting washing powder, one of the party participants suddenly reveals. “Idiot, I won’t sit behind her,” the other one replies. – Turn over here and get her out of here – the streamer repeats the request. – He’ll turn over, he’ll f**** die here – we hear further.

The available fragments clearly show that at least one of the men is completely uninterested in the fate of the almost unconscious girl. The second one at least mentions an emergency service. Every now and then, however, they both laugh at a woman falling and rolling in her own vomit. – Television is already talking about us. Patho, patho. They’re already talking about us, the streamer is happy.

What happened to the girl? “Howl at her”

At one point, one of the partygoers comes up with an idea to use the unconscious girl for greater exposure and reach. – Let her sleep on the camera, she will at least create content – ​​she says. – No, we’re going to take the elevator to 0 and get her out of here – the other one replies, suggesting that he send his friend to the ground floor of the building and leave her alone. We do not see the moment when the drunk woman is taken out of the apartment, this moment is reported by both men after the fact. – We went out, she started f***ing, she blew her face off in a puddle and was lying there – said one of them. – We don’t know if he is alive at all – added Kawiaq. – You f**k into her – his friend said.

Wykop users became interested in the case during the broadcast and, after a short investigation, found the address of the apartment. They managed to notify the owner of the premises, who opened the door with his own keys and started driving out both patostreamers. – The ambulance will arrive in a moment, the police are already downstairs. You have 5 minutes and that’s it – he said. It is ultimately unknown what happened to the girl. It is also not known whether the police took care of the people in the recording. It is certain that this stream will be talked about and Kawiaq will have his much-desired moment of fame.

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