Over 110 thousand calls to the number 116 123. Ministry of Digitization on help for people in emotional crisis

Over 110 thousand  calls to the number 116 123. Ministry of Digitization on help for people in emotional crisis

In 2023, over 110,000 people called the crisis number 116 123. people with whom the consultants had over 14,000 meetings. hours of talk.

During Wednesday’s press conference, the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski, announced that he would seek financial support for the project “Man in crisis – knowledge and communication platform”.

A report summarizing the hotline’s activities in 2023 was also presented. It shows that the consultants completed over 14,000 hours of conversations with adults who needed support in a difficult life situation. Throughout last year, over 110,000 people in crisis contacted the hotline. connections.

116 123 – hotline for adults in emotional crisis

Thanks to the 116sos.pl platform, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a person seeking help can contact a consultant in three ways: by calling 116 123, writing in the chat or writing via the contact form.

The aim here is to provide free, anonymous and 24/7 support for adults in emotional crisis. The project is carried out in partnership with the Institute of Health Psychology of the Polish Psychological Association, and more specifically with their facility, the National Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence “Niebieska Linia”.

The Minister of Digital Affairs wants to invest in the project

Minister of Digital Affairs Krzysztof Gawkowski drew attention to the fact that in 2023, the hotline managed to switch to 24-hour operation, increase the number of working consultants, launch a chat, create a professional platform with a database of articles and an up-to-date database of aid centers in Poland.

This is a good example of how digital solutions can be used in various areas. Seeking help is difficult and embarrassing, and thanks to such projects and consultants who are available 24 hours a day, we can always receive support in a crisis situation. Sometimes these conversations save lives, so it is worth developing such initiatives and we will continue these activities – emphasized the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski.

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