“Our new home.” The program’s crew turned the barn into a beautiful house. See “before and after” photos

"Our new home."  The program's crew turned the barn into a beautiful house.  See "before and after" photos

In one of the last episodes of the “Our New Home” program, the team outdid themselves. Katarzyna Dowbor had to refuse to renovate one of the families, but another way to solve their difficult situation was quickly found. A barn was turned into a charming house.

The participants of the “Our New Home” program were Mr. Grzegorz and his 8-year-old son, Kuba. The boy’s mother died of lung cancer. Later, Mr. Grzegorz lost most of his sources of income, and their old wooden house fell into ruin from year to year. Even the minor repairs that Kuba’s father was able to do were no longer enough. Eventually, the whole family was forced to move out and moved into temporary accommodation – an apartment intended for a doctor, next to the municipal health center.

Katarzyna Dowbor, summoned to the old house of Mr. Grzegorz and Krzyś, admitted that the architects and the construction team would not be able to carry out a general renovation there in five days. – You are at risk of homelessness and it simply terrifies me (…) This house is not suitable for renovation – admitted the host.

Fortunately, Dowbor saw potential in another building on the plot. And so the decision was made to convert the barn into a house. The team coped with the task and thus Mr. Grzegorz and his 8-year-old son received a beautiful house. You can see his “before and after” photos in our gallery.

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