Obajtek appeared in Podkarpacie. “Szczerba will regret it”

Obajtek appeared in Podkarpacie.  "Szczerba will regret it"

Daniel Obajtek is to appear before the Sejm commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. The former president of Orlen commented harshly on the activities of the head of the commission, Michał Szczerba.

There have been speculations about the whereabouts of Daniel Obajtek for many weeks. Michał Szczerba reported that the former president of Orlen is outside the country, specifically in Hungary. On Sunday, May 26, the PiS candidate in the European Parliament elections appeared at the Caritas picnic in Leszczawa Dolna in Podkarpacie.

When asked if he was hiding abroad, Daniel Obajtek explained that he shows where he is every day on social media. – I'm not running away, I'm not avoiding. There are police here who are also participating in this picnic. This is media impunity in Poland. First, it was said that I had escaped and was gone, and that when I traveled around the area, “I appeared and disappeared,” he explained.

– I'm not running away anywhere, but I certainly won't get into debates with politicians who have done nothing in their lives and want to build their reach by wanting to debate me. Let them build them through contact with people, not charm them with slogans, he added.

Daniel Obajtek will appear before the investigative commission

Daniel Obajtek also commented in an interview with journalists on the summons by the Sejm commission of inquiry into the visa scandal. The former president of Orlen will testify on Tuesday, May 28. The MEP candidate argued that he had been summoned to a committee with which he had nothing to do. “I have as much in common with visas as I have in common with dust on Mars, which is nothing,” he said.

Later in the conversation, he said that “calling him as a witness is nothing more than a political stunt by Michał Szczerba, whose campaign is probably not going well and wants to add a few points.” – I will not dance the way Mr. Szczerba plays – he declared.

The former head of one of the most important Polish companies assured that if he receives a summons in accordance with the regulations, he will appear at the commission. – I'll be happy to do it, I have a lot of say in many issues. I think that Chairman Szczerba will regret my invitation to the committee. But it will be done in due time, because for now I am busy with the elections and no one will artificially distract me from the elections, he added.

Earlier, Michał Szczerba, head of the parliamentary investigative committee, informed that there were serious problems with providing the former president of Orlen with a summons. “Daniel Obajtek gives the appearance of being ready to appear. In fact, he is shirking his duties as a witness. He does not respond to calls sent to seven addresses established by the commission, the prosecutor's office and the Central Anticorruption Bureau,” he said.

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