Amazon invests $1 billion. in the development of the logistics network. Will robots replace humans?

Amazon invests $1 billion.  in the development of the logistics network.  Will robots replace humans?

Amazon intends to invest $1 billion in promising start-ups that combine work on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Amazon, a company that initially broke out on the market as one of the leaders in global online trade, is now present in many other branches of the new technology industry. Suffice it to mention the Amazon Prime Video service, which quickly became a competition for giants such as Netflix or HBO Max.

It has also been known for some time that Amazon does not intend to be left behind when it comes to the race in the development of artificial intelligence. Gossip includes: that thanks to the investment in Mantis Robotics, which is developing robotic arms for cooperation with people, Amazon would like to significantly reduce the number of staff in the future.

Amazon invests $1 billion in AI and robotics

Meanwhile, we learned about another large investment by a company owned by Jeff Bezos. Well, he intends to invest a billion dollars in start-ups working on artificial intelligence and robotics.

As reported by the Financial Times, Amazon's special fund, established for industrial innovations, intends to increase investments in companies working on combining the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence with solutions bordering on broadly understood robotics.

An Amazon senior told the newspaper that “generative AI holds a lot of promise for robotics and automation.” These are the solutions that Amazon wants to focus on now, and in 2024, the pace of investments made by the fund for the development of this type of innovations is expected to significantly accelerate.

Will machines replace people?

Amazon is currently allocating another billion dollars to work on issues that, at least in theory, have the potential to provide the giant with solutions capable of replacing humans with machines in the future. In the past, there were drones intended to deliver parcels, but now it is probably time for truly modern improvements in the functioning of the logistics network.

Does Amazon intend to replace its human employees with automated units equipped with artificial intelligence and the latest advancements in robotics in the future? Well, no one says it directly today, but the company's subsequent investments, including: such as this, allow us to read between the lines and draw our own conclusions on this matter.

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