Pain in this part of the back may indicate cancer. What other symptoms are there of this “silent killer”?

Pain in this part of the back may indicate cancer.  What other symptoms are there of this "silent killer"?

Lower back pain can have various causes. Sometimes they are not dangerous, but sometimes they are a symptom of a serious disease and may indicate, among others, cervical cancer. Don't ignore this symptom.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers that occur in women in our country. If detected at an early stage, it is curable in 99 percent of cases. If, in turn, it is not detected and the patient does not undergo appropriate treatment, this disease may lead to death. That is why it is so extremely important to undergo systematic examinations, i.e. perform preventive cytological examinations. In addition to quick diagnosis, knowledge of its symptoms can help in diagnosing the disease – this will make it possible to detect cervical cancer at an early stage.

Lower back pain may be a symptom of cervical cancer

As in the case of other cancers, a higher clinical stage at the time of diagnosis results in a worse prognosis. Initially, this cancer does not cause any symptoms or they are non-specific, so they can be easily downplayed or confused with another disease. Therefore, it is worth every woman being “sensitive” to the potential symptoms of cervical cancer. One of them is pain in the lumbar sacrum (as well as pelvic pain and lower abdominal pain). In advanced stages, cervical cancer may invade surrounding tissues and organs. This can cause lower back pain and discomfort in this part of the body.

However, it must be remembered that the presence of symptoms of cervical cancer in itself is in no way a basis for making a diagnosis. This should only (and primarily) be an impulse to see a gynecologist. It is important to consult a doctor if lower back pain persists or worsens, especially in combination with other disturbing symptoms. He will perform an examination and decide on further action to determine the cause of the pain and implement appropriate treatment

What are other symptoms of cervical cancer?

In its early stages, this cancer usually does not cause any obvious symptoms, but when the disease develops more advanced, it may appear:

  • slight bleeding between periods,

  • pain during sexual intercourse,

  • bleeding after or during intercourse,

  • longer and more abundant periods than usual,

  • appearance of bloody vaginal discharge.

In advanced stages of the disease, weight loss may occur – a symptom that should be an alarm signal is a loss of 10 percent of body weight within 3 months. Asymmetric swelling of the legs and pain when urinating or defecating may also occur.

How to protect yourself against cervical cancer?

Early detection of cervical cancer is crucial for its effective treatment. Regular Pap tests and vaccinations against HPV can significantly reduce the risk of developing this disease. Every woman over 25 years of age should remember to undergo cytology regularly.

A cervical cancer prevention program is being implemented in Poland – all women aged 25-64 can undergo free cytology. A referral is not required for such an examination. The program is implemented by every obstetrics and gynecology clinic that has signed an agreement with the National Health Fund and selected primary health care clinics. To have a cytology done, all you need to do is visit a gynecologist or midwife – you can use the search engine for places implementing this preventive program.

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