This symptom of a heart attack is inconspicuous and often appears after the holidays. Don’t ignore him!

This symptom of a heart attack is inconspicuous and often appears after the holidays.  Don't ignore him!

Every year, over 15,000 people die from heart attacks in Poland. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death not only in the Vistula region, but also in the world. Why is this happening? Symptoms of heart failure are often quite inconspicuous. As a result, they are often downplayed. A certain symptom can be associated with overeating.

A heart attack is a condition in which an organ does not receive enough blood and, therefore, oxygen. As a result, necrosis occurs. The organ’s cells stop functioning properly and disintegrate, and a scar appears in their place. The direct cause of a heart attack is usually the rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque. The resulting clot closes the lumen of the artery and blocks blood flow to the heart. The sooner the vessel is “opened”, the greater the chance of saving the heart muscle. Therefore, you should not ignore any disturbing signals from your body and do not delay visiting a doctor. What symptoms are worth paying special attention to? Check.

Heartburn as a symptom of a heart attack

Heartburn, i.e. burning pain in the throat, esophagus and/or chest, is usually associated with overeating. Meanwhile, the indicated ailment is often a symptom of a heart attack. It is usually short-lived but recurrent. Appears and disappears. It is often accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations. The patient gets tired faster. Even minor physical exertion exhausts him. The weakness comes on suddenly and has no obvious cause.

Other symptoms of a heart attack

Many other unusual symptoms that have no direct connection with the cardiovascular system may also indicate a heart attack. These include symptoms such as:

  • headaches and dizziness,

  • pain in shoulder, elbow or wrist joints,

  • cough,

  • panic attacks,

  • increased body temperature,

  • excessive sweating

  • sleep disturbances and frequent waking up at night.

Atypical symptoms of a heart attack are usually observed in up to 30-40 percent of patients. It should be emphasized that the disease increasingly affects young people (under 60 years of age). We saw this quite recently. Shortly before Christmas, information about the death of Krzysztof Respondek circulates in the media. The actor and satirist died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 54.

Suspected heart attack – what to do?

If you suspect a heart attack, call an ambulance immediately. Delaying this action puts the patient’s health and life at serious risk. It may cause serious complications from the cardiovascular system. The best prognosis is for those who receive treatment within sixty minutes of the first symptoms. This is the so-called golden hour.

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