Messenger voting that could cost thousands. Beware of scammers

Messenger voting that could cost thousands.  Beware of scammers

A new way to cheat on Facebook and Messenger. Hackers send fake messages asking for support in the competition.

Many people have already been fooled by the scammers’ new method. The problem with it is that it looks quite credible. A Facebook “friend” simply sends a request for voting support. You can be fooled.

“Hey hey (here is the recipient’s name – editor’s note), I could use a few votes, can I count on your help? Here is the link – Thanks in advance!” – reads the fake message sent by fraudsters via the Messenger application.

Fake competition. Smart crime

This sounds very real, because friends often send requests for support in various competitions and collections, for example when settling accounts with the tax office (the idea is to donate 1% of the tax to a selected purpose). Sometimes maybe it’s also about a competition, right?

Meanwhile, this specific competition can cost a lot. Behind the person sending the message there is a cybercriminal who impersonates the person sending the message and sends it. The attack on Messenger users caught the attention of CERT Orange Polska. Since September 2020, websites with the phrases “help” or “voting” in their names have been checked by them.

Competition on Facebook. Why do criminals need to click?

Clicking on the link sent may cost you dearly in the future. How? After doing this, you are taken to a page that requires you to enter your password and login again. And this data is already stolen and used further, usually after some time, to break into a bank or another type of crime, this time financial.

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