Call and report an attempted fraud on the Internet. It’s worth knowing this phone number

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The CERT Orange Polska organization reminds that potential fraud attempts in cyberspace can be reported by calling a special telephone number.

It is true that December is already behind us – and it was the hottest time of the year in terms of the number of attempts at various frauds in cyberspace – but this does not change the fact that Internet fraudsters are still among us and, of course, remain active.

CERT Orange Polska, an organization that deals with the security of smartphone owners online, reminds us of this. Some time ago, it launched a special telephone number where every Internet and mobile phone user, regardless of which network they belong to, can report fraud attempts they notice.

508 700 900. It’s worth knowing this phone number

Each of us can send suspicious or at first glance false messages to the above telephone number, belonging to CERT Orange Polska – e.g. those that encourage us to click on a link or constitute an attempt to extort personal data.

In this type of messages, Internet fraudsters often impersonate, among others: to banks or popular online trading platforms, such as OLX, which is currently a real breeding ground for fake news sent by cybercriminals. So once again: 508 700 900 – it is worth remembering this number and using it every time you witness an attempt to commit fraud in cyberspace.

Scammers most often prey on seniors

As we reported just a few days ago, in 2023, cybercriminals engaged in telephone fraud managed to extort over PLN 141 million from people over 65 years of age alone. Seniors are the group most at risk of fraud on the Internet, so it is worth constantly making people in their immediate environment aware of the dangers that await them.

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