The oldest black rhinoceros has died. Fausta was 57 years old

The oldest black rhinoceros has died.  Fausta was 57 years old

The administration of the Ngorongoro reserve in Tanzania announced the death of a 57-year-old black rhinoceros. The animal was considered the oldest representative of its species in the world, reports the BBC.

A female black rhinoceros was first sighted near the Ngorongoro Crater in 1965. Her age was then estimated at three years old. For over half a century, Fausta lived freely in her birthplace. Recently, however, health problems caused by old age have been observed in the animal. Since 2016, Fausta’s eyesight has been deteriorating, making her more vulnerable to predator attacks. – The hyenas started attacking her and she was seriously injured – reported Dr. Freddy Manongi. Fearing for its life, the rhinoceros was placed in a reserve, where it spent its last years under the care of doctors.

Interestingly, despite such an impressive age, Fausta never had any offspring. According to experts from the reserve, this could have contributed to its longevity. The female rhinoceros died on December 27. According to her keepers, she was the oldest representative of her species. According to the BBC, rhinos live on average 37-43 years in the wild, and in captivity they live up to 50 years. The black rhinoceros is on the list of extremely endangered species. Despite this, illegal hunting of these animals continues. Poachers want, among other things, on their horns.

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