Manfred Weber replied to the Polish Prime Minister. It’s a call to debate

Manfred Weber replied to the Polish Prime Minister.  It's a call to debate

The head of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, responded to the invitation of the Polish prime minister. A politician from Germany rejected the possibility of a debate with the head of our government. He justified his decision on the pages of the Politico portal.

After an interview for ZDF television, in which Manfred Weber spoke about “combating” PiS, the Polish political scene was in an uproar. Members of Law and Justice loudly outraged at the words of the EU leader from Germany, accusing him of, among other things, interfering in the electoral process in our country. On Tuesday, August 9, there was even a call for a public debate between Weber and Prime Minister Morawiecki.

Morawiecki called Weber to the debate. He hit Tusk

“Since Germans choose to openly admit their intentions of interfering in Polish elections, this issue should be discussed in a public forum. As the Prime Minister of the Polish government, representing the parliamentary majority established as a result of free and fair elections, I cannot allow such slander of the vote in which Polish citizens took part, emphasized the Polish Prime Minister in social media.

PiS also used the whole situation to attack Donald Tusk and Civic Platform. – The dress has changed. As the Prime Minister of the Polish government, which represents the parliamentary majority elected in democratic elections, I will not allow the elections of Poles to be so slandered (…) Please do not use your assistant Donald Tusk. Please join the debate. You accuse us of breaking democratic rules? Please say that to millions of Poles in the televised clash. I invite you to the debate on October 2, Morawiecki declared before the cameras.

Reply of the head of the EPP to the proposal of the Polish prime minister

Weber’s associates, in a statement sent to Politico, rejected the possibility of a debate. They reported that the leader of the European People’s Party did not accept the invitation to this media event. “No, we’re not totally involved,” they said, without adding a longer translation.

Manfred Weber, who put PiS in line with the German AfD and Marine Le Pen’s party in France, previously accused Jarosław Kaczyński’s party of systematically attacking the state and free media. Already in June, he said that the EPP was the only force capable of leading Poland “back to Europe”.

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