Hubert Hurkacz’s eloquent words after his defeat against Novak Djokovic. This post says it all

Hubert Hurkacz's eloquent words after his defeat against Novak Djokovic.  This post says it all

Hubert Hurkacz ended the season with a match against Novak Djokovic in the ATP Finals. Shortly after its end, the ninth tennis player in the world ranking posted an entry on social media summarizing the course of 2023. He didn’t mince his words.

The ATP season slowly coming to an end was full of ups and downs for Hubert Hurkacz. However, what matters is not how you start, but how you finish, so a Pole can prepare for the next one with his head held high. The Wrocław native finished ninth in the ATP world rankings, which is why he went to Turin for the ATP Finals tournament as a substitute. Now he had the opportunity to say a few words about what happened to him during the last campaign.

Hubert Hurkacz summarized the last ATP season

Advancing to the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin was a disaster for Hubert Hurkacz, as he only made it to the ladder due to an injury to Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Polish representative played against Novak Djokovic and although he lost 6:7(1), 6:4, 1:6, he left the court with his head held high and a smile on his face. Despite the defeat, he will not lose his place in the top ten of the ranking, and his points total is 3,245. It is therefore not surprising that he is proud of what he managed to achieve.

The ninth place in the world ranking is the highest he has ever achieved. However, it is worth adding that this equalizes his record, because in 2021 he was in the same position. Just after the match with the best tennis player in the world, Hubert Hurkacz posted an entry on social media in which he summarized the past ATP season, paying attention to its most important moments.

“With today’s match, I finished the 2023 season. I am grateful for all this year’s experiences, for the good and bad moments, and even for all the tie-breaks and third sets I had to play along the way. These more difficult moments only built me ​​up and I know that it was thanks to them that I returned to the TOP 10 at the end of the season. Thank you to everyone who was with me this year – family, team and fans – I hope that sometimes I make you proud,” wrote the 26-year-old.

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