The government will increase financing of the “Safe 2% Credit” program. The amounts have been announced

Morawiecki announces 10,000.  PLN average salary.  He gave the date

The government decided today to increase financing of the “Safe 2% Credit” program. The entire program will be worth over PLN 16 billion.

After today’s government meeting, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced an increase in financing for the “Safe 2% loan” program. – We discussed a project called 2% Credit. Because it is so successful, we decided to increase the financing of the project – said the head of government, emphasizing that the program enjoys great interest.

– We are trying to ensure that the popularity of this product matches its supply next year. Hence the decisions taken at the Council of Ministers to extend the loan from the point of view of availability – emphasized Morawiecki.

More money for a 2% safe loan.

Marlena Maląg, Minister of Development and Technology, who participated in the conference, announced that the “Safe 2% Credit” program will be worth PLN 16 billion, while so far it was PLN 11 billion. Maląg also said that over 90,000 applications have been submitted so far. loan applications, and the number of signed contracts is over 40 thousand. – To maintain this progress (…) we decided to increase budgeting and limits in individual years. The program was planned to amount to over PLN 11 billion, and today it amounts to over PLN 16 billion – said the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

Next year’s program budget will be increased by over PLN 800 million.

Today marks five months since the launch of the “Safe 2% Loan” program. It is addressed to people up to 45 years of age who are thinking about buying their first apartment. The state subsidizes the loan with monthly installments for 10 years. Such a loan can be granted in a maximum amount of PLN 600,000 in the case of borrowers who run the farm together with their spouse or when the borrower’s household includes at least one child, in other cases – up to a maximum of PLN 500,000. A loan with subsidized installments may be granted without the borrower’s own contribution or with own contribution not exceeding PLN 200,000.

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