This is how the Polish volleyball player assessed Stefano Lavarini’s idea. He moved it to a different position

This is how the Polish volleyball player assessed Stefano Lavarini's idea.  He moved it to a different position

The Polish representatives achieved great success by qualifying for the Olympic Games. Stefano Lavarini’s players will represent the country in Paris for the first time since 2008. One of the national team players recalled the successful 2023 season, drawing attention to the Italian’s decision to make her the host.

Polish women’s representatives fight in their clubs for the best results in league games. Fans of the national team are looking forward to the next national team season, which will be marked by the Olympic Games in Paris. Thanks to taking second place in the qualifying tournament in Łódź, Stefano Lavarini’s team can treat VNL 2024 as a chance to test the optimal squad.

The Polish libero talks about Stefano Lavarini’s idea

Perhaps Aleksandra Szczygłowska will get more chances to play in her nominal position. Libero PGE Rysic Rzeszów is one of Lavarini’s discoveries, becoming the second volleyball player in the position right after Maria Stenzel. As drastic changes rarely occur in this position, and the Radomka Radom player has not given any arguments for changes for years, Szczygłowska is left to come to terms with the fate of the second libero.

Lavarini relies on the 25-year-old more often as a receiver. He let her in as a party favor, dressing her in the same T-shirt as the rest of the staff. It passed the test, although it was certainly not a comfortable situation for the volleyball player. In an interview with the official Rysic media, Szczygłowska does not hide that she would prefer to play as a libero in the national team. However, he understands Lavarini’s way of thinking and appreciates the opportunity to play in the red and white colors.

– Certainly every player would like to play in her nominal position, because it is somehow easier. I think other bands do that too. If you have two liberos who can receive the ball, it would be a sin not to use it at a critical moment so that the other one can come in and help secure the reception or defense. This is a wise approach, because it is known that the position of the libero rarely changes during the match, so I am glad that I can come in and help at least this way – said Szczygłowska.

Aleksandra Szczygłowska’s career

Szczygłowska has been the captain of Rysice Rzeszów since the current season. In the past, she played libero for BKS Bielsko-Biała and Budowlani Toruń.

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