An optimistic forecast for Iga Świątek. Coach says what will happen soon

An optimistic forecast for Iga Świątek.  Coach says what will happen soon

Despite the alarm raised by many experts and fans, we should not worry about Iga Świątek. At least that’s what Radosław Nijaki, a former tennis player and currently an active coach, says.

The last few months have not been very successful for Iga Świątek. Therefore, there were a lot of critical comments in the media regarding her game, the work of the training staff, as well as a lot of voices simply worried about the recent fate of the Raszyn player. Is it even right to sound the alarm and raise a complaint about a temporary decline in form? Not everyone thinks so, and certainly not Radosław Nijaki.

Iga Świątek lost her leading position in the WTA ranking

The biggest stir was, of course, caused by the fact that during this year’s edition of the US Open, Iga Świątek lost her leading position in the WTA ranking. After many months of chasing, Aryna Sabalenka finally overtook the Raszyn competitor and gained a large point advantage over her.

However, the mentioned coach believes that this state of affairs will not last long and sooner or later Biało-Czerwona will return to the top. – I think that Iga will reign for many years. She is still very young and has already won four Grand Slam tournaments. Obviously, when you don’t defend your points, sometimes the ranking changes slightly, but in this case I wouldn’t make a tragedy – he said in an interview with Dominik Senkowski in “Tennis Program”.

You don’t have to worry about Iga Świątek

– Really, we have no reason to worry. Iga Świątek remains number two. It is very well run and has an amazing staff. It’s only a matter of time when he returns to the throne – he said, somewhat in opposition to what Lech Sidor recently suggested. He, in turn, crushed the 22-year-old’s colleagues, bringing strong accusations against them.

They were the result of the Pole’s poor performance at the US Open, where she only reached the fourth round. Niaki agrees that this result is a disappointment, since our compatriot defended the title, but the whole situation should not be overinterpreted. – Taking into account the seeding and the role of the defending champion, this is obviously only the fourth round. With number one, only the final counts. Let’s not forget, however, that the draw was unfortunate because Iga played against Jelena Ostapenko, who always plays her best tennis with her – he concluded.

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