Luxury properties: comfort and location are the most important

Luxury properties: comfort and location are the most important

When it comes to Poland, the top ones include old Warsaw districts, but also old villas with history, dating back to pre-war times. When it comes to areas outside the capital, seaside residences enjoy constant interest. For many years, Poles have also been eager to buy luxurious places to live in Spain or Portugal. What is most important on the luxury real estate market, what can be expected on the market today and how to buy a unique property – this is what we are talking about with Dariusz Przewocki, owner of Crystal House International. You deal with luxury real estate. What do you think luxury is today?

Dariusz Przewocki: It is definitely about the comfort of life and its high quality, but it does not only concern material issues. Luxury is experiences that go beyond meeting basic needs. Nowadays, we often associate luxury with expensive goods, exclusive travel or accessories, handmade, custom-made, unavailable to most people.

However, luxury today also means peace and the ability to relax on your own terms, resting in the most important place, i.e. at home. And this is what, as a person managing a real estate sales company, I offer the opportunity to experience everyday life in a unique, private space. How did your story with the sale/rental of unique real estate begin?

Dariusz Przewocki: It is a very long story, but it is related to the previously mentioned needs: comfort and improving the quality of life. They motivated me to take action. My story with luxury real estate began in 2003. I moved from Gdańsk, where I was born, to Warsaw. I first worked and trained with my friend who built a luxury apartment building in the center of the capital. It turned out to be my best career path, because my next job was a luxury real estate agency, where I quickly became number one out of 70 agents.

I set myself higher and higher goals, and the experience I gained, customer trust and satisfaction, and expert knowledge of the market led me to my own company. And so Crystal House International was born, where I can offer what has always been most important to me: the best, world-class quality of services and the highest quality properties in top locations. What are the characteristics of a luxury property?

Dariusz Przewocki: It is, above all, a prestigious, luxurious place and location. In large cities it may be a prestigious district or center. In coastal cities – most often the coast or exceptionally located beaches. There are extraordinary views in the mountains, the proximity of the purest nature, crystal clear water, but also the availability of unique attractions. What they have in common is privacy and security – the feeling that we can devote ourselves to family life, relaxation or work without being disturbed – so, as the well-known proverb says: my home is my castle.

The architecture of the property is also of great importance. The design of a luxury residence is always special and unique. Most often, these are individual designs of well-known and respected designers. To implement these projects, the highest quality materials, technologies and products are used, with particular attention to detail. A luxurious interior means space both inside and outside. In the interiors of luxury homes, we often find places with a unique history, which is an additional advantage that increases its prestige. This includes, for example, private wineries and long-standing bookcases.

An element of a luxurious property are carefully cared for gardens with old trees or rare varieties of plants. Most often, an inherent element of luxury houses or apartments are places for recreation, such as private gyms or saunas. What are the most desirable properties on the market today?

Dariusz Przewocki: When it comes to Warsaw and the surrounding area, the most prestigious districts are, of course, Śródmieście, Powiśle, Stary Mokotów, Stary Żoliborz and Wilanów. And near Warsaw – still Konstancin. The price includes old residences with history, but also pre-war modernist houses in Mokotów and Żoliborz Oficerski. Apartments in Warsaw’s skyscrapers are very desirable – especially those in the area of ​​Pola Mokotowskie or Łazienkowski Park. Generally, location is always the most important! And what does it look like outside Warsaw?

Dariusz Przewocki: Recently, ecological properties have also become very popular – those that are a response to the growing awareness of the need to protect the environment. Therefore, the price includes residences equipped with photovoltaic panels, passive houses with a low carbon footprint. People looking for comfort outside the city often choose locations by the water – with access to their own coastline, their own piece of forest or another type of attractive natural space, providing the opportunity not only for relaxation, but also for activity.

However, remember, a luxury property is also one that is equipped with access to the latest technologies, such as high-speed Internet, which is obvious, but also, for example, remote control of various functionalities inside and outside. You offer not only houses and apartments on the Polish market, but also abroad. Which country is the most popular among Poles today and why? What does the formal purchase of foreign real estate look like?

Dariusz Przewocki: Decisions to purchase luxury real estate by Poles depend on various factors, such as location, weather, climate, availability of amenities, tax policy, economic stability, and investment prospects. For several years, Spain has consistently been in first place – Marbella and the entire Costa Del Sol, but also France – the Cote d’Azur region, Megeve, Chamonix and Portugal.

Recently, our Crystal House International branch was established in sunny Spain, where we observe the greatest increase in interest in interesting properties. Our office is located in Marbella. We have the best offers on the market there. Our offer includes houses and apartments – we have access to all properties on the primary market. However, Crystal House International is not only about Spain. We have extensive experience in many European countries. What does such a purchase look like formally?

Dariusz Przewocki: It is quite simple – after selecting the right property, a reservation agreement is signed with a 0.5% deposit. values. Then, within approximately two weeks, the so-called private purchase contract – this is our preliminary contract with a 10% deposit. deposit. At the end there is an agreement transferring ownership within a maximum of one month.

What is important is that a customer buying in southern countries such as Portugal, Spain or France does not pay a commission on the purchase. There is a cost of 7%. – it is a tax on civil law transactions, the so-called transfer tax. Each time, a lawyer supervises the security of the transaction and this is an additional cost of 1%. In addition, there are notary costs and court fees. As an agency dealing with the top real estate market, you also cooperate with architects – can you say a few words about this? What do such services involve? What do they cover? Is it about interior design, its equipment, or also purchasing advice?

Dariusz Przewocki: Yes, we cooperate with architects and offer a comprehensive interior finishing service at the highest level. Our company responsible for this part of the business is SD Group, which was founded out of our passion for real estate and luxurious interior design. At the beginning, we meet with the client to learn about his expectations and the design of the apartment or house. During this time, we also try to set a budget.

The next step is to prepare a set of inspirations, i.e. a moodboard, which helps us outline the general character of the interior. We are not indifferent to technological innovations and we also offer innovative smart home solutions.

We can boast that we cooperate with top global brands in this area, including Vissionaire, Fendi Cocine, Milldue, Devon and Devon, Longi, Poltrona Frau, Rugiano and SCIC, so that our customers can choose top-shelf materials. After the client’s approval, a design is prepared for each room, taking into account the smallest detail, starting from finishing materials, through furniture, lighting, ceramics, and ending with accessories. We accompany our client at every stage of creating a new space arranged to meet his needs as fully as possible.

Crystal House International – about the company

Crystal House International has been present on the luxury real estate market for many years. Its offer includes houses and apartments in the best locations throughout Europe, but also plots, hotels and service premises. The company has offices in Warsaw and Marbella, Spain.

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