Andrzej Duda on social benefits for Ukrainians: Some verification can be made

Andrzej Duda on social benefits for Ukrainians: Some verification can be made

The government is considering withdrawing from granting social benefits to Ukrainians residing in Poland. Currently, they can download, among others: 500+. Andrzej Duda was asked about his opinion on this matter.

Politicians from the ruling coalition increasingly emphasize that the government is considering withdrawing social benefits for Ukrainians from January 1, 2024. This is the date that will also mark the extension of the 500+ program to 800+, i.e. the indexation of its amount by PLN 300.

Duda on benefits for Ukrainians

The context of the conversation about limiting benefits for Ukrainians living in Poland is unfortunate, as President Andrzej Duda pointed out on Polsat News. He admitted that such considerations can be carried out, but it is best to do it at a time when emotions between Poland and Ukraine are not so high.

In recent days, the mood has been heated by the topic of Ukrainian grain, complaints to the World Trade Organization and a possible retaliatory embargo.

– I believe that a rational solution must be adopted with people in mind. Of course, some verification can be made of who receives these benefits and how, because we know it and are able to verify it – said President Andrzej Duda.

– Whether they should be taken away is a decision that must be made very calmly and carefully, and not at the stage of such emotions as we have now. I am appealing for calm – he added, emphasizing that the disagreements between Poland and Ukraine concern only a small part of the relationship and, in fact, these are misunderstandings only at the political level.

Duda on transferring weapons

In an earlier interview for TVN24, President Andrzej Duda was also asked about Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s words regarding the transfer of weapons to Ukraine.

– The Prime Minister’s words were interpreted in the worst possible way. The Prime Minister said this in the context of the new weapons we are purchasing for our army. In my opinion, the Prime Minister said this: We will not transfer the new weapons that we are currently purchasing as part of the modernization of the Polish army to Ukraine – said President Andrzej Duda on TVN24.

– This is how I understood this statement because I talked to the Prime Minister about this many months ago. We both had the same position then: We cannot transfer our new weapons, which we are currently buying for billions of dollars, to the Polish army to increase Poland’s security – the president added.

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