List of the 200 Largest Polish Companies

Lista 200 Największych Polskich Firm 2024

This year, for the 10th time, “Wprost” publishes a list of the 200 largest Polish companies. We have a record. The leaders of our business have collected over PLN 1.5 trillion in revenues.

This year's list is special for several reasons. The first one is from the top of this text, that we already have the 10th anniversary edition. Secondly, a record number of 11 new companies debuted in the ranking. Third, the era of millions has ended in Poland and the era of billions has begun, because to be included on the list this year, you had to have over a billion zlotys in revenues. And not several hundred million like in recent years. There are also some spectacular promotions and a few dramatic declines, but more on that in a moment. First the headlamp.

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