King Charles has issued a new statement. In it he referred to his illness

King Charles has issued a new statement.  In it he referred to his illness

– All those suffering from cancer know that kind thoughts are the greatest comfort and encouragement – ​​King Charles wrote in a statement. The monarch thanked for the support and referred to the events referred to in the media as the “Charles effect”.

On Monday, February 5, Buckingham Palace made it public that King Charles had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. The disclosure of the monarch’s health condition was intended to prevent speculation and at the same time encourage the public to undergo regular preventive examinations. The announcement caused a huge stir and met with an unexpected response. Charles III referred to it in his latest statement.

The “Charles Effect” in Great Britain

The news that King Charles was suffering from cancer led to increased interest in the topic of oncological diseases. People in the United Kingdom started looking for information about the symptoms of cancer. Just an hour after the monarch’s diagnosis was revealed, the website of the British health service NHS England was visited by over 1,500 people. Searches for cancer symptoms increased by 51 percent. This phenomenon is referred to in the media as the “Charles Effect”. The monarch addressed the matter in his latest statement.

King Charles thanks his countrymen

In the message, the monarch expressed his gratitude for the words of support received. He emphasized how pleased he was that sharing his diagnosis had led to increased public interest in the topic of cancer and greater attention to organizations supporting cancer patients – both in the UK and beyond. Year by year the number of cancer patients is increasing not only in the UK but around the world. “One in two of us will develop some form of cancer in our lifetime, but thanks to continued progress, more cancers are now diagnosed at an early stage than ever before, and survival rates are the highest they have ever been,” noted Prof. Peter Johnson, NHS National Director for Cancer.

Prevention as a tool in the fight against cancer

Every year, over 2 million people in Poland are diagnosed with cancer. The most important “tool” in the fight against cancer is prevention. Early detection of the disease gives a greater chance of cure and full recovery. The Ministry of Health organizes many screening programs. Currently available programs:

  • breast cancer prevention,

  • prevention of tobacco-related diseases (including lung cancer),

  • cervical cancer prevention,

  • colon cancer prevention.

To minimize the risk of cancer, it is also worth avoiding behaviors that increase the risk of cancer. This includes, among others: about habits such as smoking, sitting for long periods of time in front of phone, computer and TV screens, eating too many highly processed snacks or drinking alcohol.

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