Katarzyna Sokołowska is honest about her many attempts to get pregnant. “Everything came to naught”

Katarzyna Sokołowska is honest about her many attempts to get pregnant.  "Everything came to naught"

In 2022, at the age of 50, Katarzyna Sokołowska became a mother for the first time. Now the show designer admitted that the path to motherhood was very difficult for her.

Katarzyna Sokołowska announced that she would become a mother in April 2022, but did not reveal any details. In July of the same year, the designer’s son was born, and the proud mother announced the news online by publishing a photo of his feet on Instagram. However, the star did not reveal any details. The boy’s name was revealed by her colleague from the “Top Model” program, Marcin Tyszka, at a press conference. The little one, who is now over one year old, is called Ivo Lew.

Sokołowska had a miscarriage

Now Sokołowska talked about the difficulties she faced when trying to have a child. – We faced a challenge that many couples face. We underwent many tests and started trying to have a baby. We had many visits to wonderful doctors, consultations, etc. All attempts were in vain until I got pregnant naturally. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep it going and I had a miscarriage, she revealed in an interview with the woman-zdrowie.pl portal.

Kasia Sokołowska: My work was my therapy

She admitted that she was afraid that she did not have time for another year of trying to get pregnant naturally, so she and her partner decided to resort to in vitro fertilization. – So I took another path, which was also not short. “In this case, we had many failed attempts until we succeeded,” she said.

– It is very important to learn how to experience the loss that is part of this process. Of course, sometimes we succeed the first time, but we often have to accept failure. It is very difficult because the woman, the couple, the family are left alone with it. For me, work was my therapy, admitted the show designer.

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