Kamil Stoch's season of horror. It hasn't been this bad for 18 years

Kamil Stoch's season of horror.  It hasn't been this bad for 18 years

Even the greatest pessimists did not expect that the past season would turn out so badly for Polish ski jumpers. One of the losers is Kamil Stoch. The statistics say a lot here.

Kamil Stoch has won almost everything in his career, so speaking in quotation marks, he doesn't have to do anything anymore, but he still has a lot of ambition. Considering his attitude towards jumping, last season must have been a big disappointment. Several statistics show that it was really bad, not only in his case, but also in the case of other Polish champions. In fact, Aleksander Zniszczoł did not disappoint, as he only really got into the swing of things in the second part of the season.

Kamil Stoch's statistics say it all

In the 2023/24 season, Kamil Stoch took 26th place in the general World Cup classification with 256 points – definitely less than in the previous campaign, when he accumulated 608 points. Another statistic attracts even more attention.

Well, for the first time in 18 years, Stoch did not place in the top ten in any competition during the entire season. If we look at his performances in the season that ended on Sunday, his highest ranking was 11th – finishing in this place three times. Additionally, he was 12th twice. Let us also remember that Stoch has been waiting for a cup podium for three years.

Such a situation must probably be frustrating for the living legend of ski jumping, but there are many indications that the 36-year-old will continue his career. The system of preparations for the next winter will most likely also be changed, because before last season, Polish players were literally “overrun” by the training staff. The jumpers themselves confirm this in various media reports.

Thomas Thurnbichler stays

Despite the performances of Polish jumpers far below expectations, Thomas Thurnbichler remains as the first coach. It seems that the players trust his skills, and his contract is valid until the 2026 Olympics. Kamil Stoch has not yet determined whether he will perform on the world's ski jumping hills by then.

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