This is how Russia discourages the West from helping Ukraine. Kremlin documents leaked

This is how Russia discourages the West from helping Ukraine.  Kremlin documents leaked

Russia is actively, although indirectly, trying to discourage Ukraine’s allies from supporting it militarily. For this purpose, it used a well-known method of operating in cyberspace – the troll farm.

The Institute for the Study of War writes that Russia continues to try to actively shape the Western information space in order to support the Russian position and undermine support for Ukraine.

On December 30, the American newspaper “The Washington Post” reported that it had come into possession of Kremlin documents from an unspecified European security service. They prove that the first deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Kirienko, is supervising Kremlin operations aimed at undermining support for Ukraine and NATO in the French information space. For this purpose, they are also to be mediated by French politicians and activists.

This is how Russia wants to discourage the French from supporting Ukraine

Kremlin documents describe specific narrative strategies that the Russian authorities are introducing into the information space in France. These include, among others: pushing arguments that Western sanctions against Russia have damaged the French economy or that supplying French weapons to Ukraine has worsened France’s ability to defend itself. Among other arguments, propaganda distributes those that say that military support for Ukraine will lead to World War III, and that France should not finance foreign wars.

Kremlin documents also show that Russian political strategists instructed a Russian troll farm employee to write a “200-character comment by a middle-aged Frenchman.” Such an online entry is intended to convince Internet users that European support for Ukraine is a “silly adventure” and that further support for the attacked country increases inflation and lowers the standard of living in France.

Thousands of troll accounts. The aim was to defame Reznikov

The Washington Post also reports that Russia is conducting a long-term disinformation campaign in France to polarize French society on the Ukraine issue.

Russia uses similar information tactics in Ukraine, in the West and around the world. The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Laboratory (DFRLab) and the BBC Verify project recently discovered that Russians had created thousands of fake accounts intended to defame former Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

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