Cejrowski liked Braun’s anti-Semitic prank: I have this type of tendency myself

Cejrowski liked Braun's anti-Semitic prank: I have this type of tendency myself

Far-right publicist Wojciech Cejrowski commented on Grzegorz Braun’s anti-Semitic act in the Sejm. At the same time, he distanced himself from his previous statements about the MP and his party.

Wojciech Cejrowski’s relationship with the Confederation is not the easiest one. In the past, the party used the publicist’s image in its promotional materials, which met with his strong opposition. The author of travel books, while criticizing the actions of the Confederation, questioned the honor of its members. “If the Confederation has no honor in such nonsense, it will have no honor in important matters. – he said then.

Cejrowski was also reminded of his statements about Grzegorz Braun. – He speaks such long sentences in Polish, each sentence lasting 20 minutes, as if he were writing “Ulysses” and there are no grammatical errors. Which means he’s a genius and a madman at the same time. And there’s something wrong with his mind. And I’m afraid of crazy people up close, because I don’t know where this one sentence of his will reach – he said on his YouTube channel.

Cejrowski about Grzegorz Braun’s prank

Cejrowski’s old statements about the Confederation and its most controversial MP were recalled on the occasion of Grzegorz Braun’s anti-Semitic prank in the Sejm. The far-right publicist distanced himself from them, emphasizing that they were “old” and had no connection with Braun’s use of a fire extinguisher.

“Some “reels” of my OLD statements about Mr. Braun and the Confederation have appeared on the Internet. This is OLD garbage and has NOTHING to do with the fire extinguisher,” he wrote on the X website.

Cejrowski also attempted to evaluate Braun’s act itself and, as it turns out, he does not see any hint of madness in his actions. “What I can say about the fire extinguisher number is that I liked it! Strong performance. I have this type of craving myself: do you remember condoms and bananas, burning the EU flag and the election clip “Don’t choose garbage”? As an artist, I appreciate the craftsmanship of the number with the fire extinguisher and that’s it,” we read.

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