It will be harder to get a loan. Banks are tightening the criteria

It will be harder to get a loan.  Banks are tightening the criteria

In the third quarter, banks intend to tighten credit criteria for everyone, including those applying for housing loans, according to a survey published on Monday by the National Bank of Poland.

On Monday, the National Bank of Poland published the results of a survey on the situation on the credit market. In the second quarter of this year, the conditions did not change significantly for large enterprises, but in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises they were tightened. “Banks increased their loan margins, including those for loans with increased risk, but also increased the maximum loan amount. According to the banks, the increase in the demand for financing the purchase of durable goods strengthened the demand of households for consumer loans.

Tightening of credit policy

The banks are announcing another tightening of lending conditions for the third quarter and this time for everyone. Also for customers who apply for mortgage loans.

“For the third quarter of 2023, banks announce tightening of the criteria for granting all types of loans and expect a decrease in demand for loans to SMEs, as well as a further increase in demand for loans to large enterprises as well as housing and consumer loans,” the National Bank of Poland reported.


Tightening the lending policy, especially in the case of mortgage loans, is supposed to be a way for banks to increase the profitability of this segment. As Monday’s Rzeczpospolita writes, at the moment these products are a drag for most companies.

Banks also have to compensate for losses resulting from the victory of franchise holders before the Court of Justice of the EU. What’s more, zloty-makers are now joining the fight, demanding that the WIBOR reference index be removed from the contracts.

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