Sudden liquidation of the Auchan store. Employees seize the goods, fearing loss of wages

Sudden liquidation of the Auchan store.  Employees seize the goods, fearing loss of wages

Surprising news comes from Galeria Korona in Kielce. The Auchan store announced its liquidation, which caused great confusion among employees. Fearing they would not receive back wages, they took unusual steps to secure their wages.

Radio Kielce informs that the liquidation of the store is the result of the bankruptcy of the franchisee running the premises in Galeria Korona. Therefore, all employees signed the termination of their employment contract due to the employer's fault. The liquidation was announced unexpectedly, which only increased the anxiety among the crew.

Auchan employees take over the goods and organize a sale

Left without a guarantee of payments, the employees decided to secure the goods to cover their outstanding wages. They organized an assortment sale, offering products with discounts ranging from 30 to 70 percent. The Employee Democracy organization informed about this unusual situation on social media, emphasizing that all the money collected in this way will go to the employees.

The legality of employees' actions is questionable

However, the website warns against participating in the sale, noting that it may constitute a crime of receiving stolen goods. Instead, employees should report the matter to the National Labor Inspectorate, file a lawsuit to the labor court for payment or exercise the right to terminate the employment contract without notice.

The blame for this situation lies with the private tenant and the franchisee. Radio Kielce reports that company representatives do not respond to phone calls or text messages, which makes it even more difficult to solve the problem.

Problems for Galeria Korona

Galeria Korona also faces serious challenges now. Closing a store of one of the largest tenants may negatively affect traffic in the shopping center. The gallery's management has not yet issued an official statement on this matter.

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