Instead of millions, they spent $5. Burger King showed how to create a cheap campaign. The effect may be the opposite

Burger King is being grilled.  The company posted an outrageous post on Women's Day

Has Burger King outsmarted the players? The company may think so, but it doesn't yet know that it has messed with a very capricious community.

Such moves often end in an image disaster. Burger King does not yet know that it has messed with a very capricious social group. The company decided to bypass the regulations and create an advertising campaign at a very cheap cost.

“I'm transferring five dollars to tell you that on the Burger King app you can buy a Whooper, small fries and a small drink for five dollars.” – read a machine used to inform about the content of donations on one of the streams on the Twitch platform. “Go to your local Burger King and take advantage of one of the great $3 deals I just sent you.” – another of the donations reported.

The community criticizes

The campaign was praised by the Ogilvy agency, for which it is not the first project implemented in computer games. She also cooperated with the mayonnaise manufacturer Hellmanns in Canada. Which, thanks to the actions of players in the game Animal Crossing (a hit during the global lockdown), donated meals to charities.

This time, however, the effect may be the opposite of what was intended. Voices criticizing the company's operation quickly appeared. “You are using a system that was created to support creators. Are you a large company that can afford a professional advertising campaign, and yet you boast about what you have done? – we read in one of the comments under the agency's tweet. “They have changed the rules, defrauded streamers and are using sneaky marketing.” – says another user. Many commenters also point out that it was a clear violation of Twitch's terms of service. This may also put streamers on whose channels these types of ads have appeared at risk.

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