Inflation results for July are here. There is no surprise

Inflation results for July are here.  There is no surprise

Consumer inflation in July amounted to 10.8 percent. year-on-year, the Central Statistical Office reported. These are the final data, which are in line with the so-called quick read from a few days ago.

On Monday, the Central Statistical Office released the final data on CPI inflation in July. According to a flash estimate published by the Central Statistical Office at the end of July, inflation last month amounted to 10.8 percent. In June, the growth rate was 11.5 percent.

Inflation in July 2023

Prices of consumer goods and services in July 2023, compared to the same month last year, increased by 10.8 percent. (the prices of services increased by 11.3%, and the prices of goods – by 10.6%). Compared to the previous month, the prices of goods and services decreased by 0.2 percent. (including goods – by 0.6 percent with an increase in the prices of services – by 0.8 percent).

In July this year compared to the previous month, the greatest impact on the total consumer price index had lower prices for food (by 1.3%) and clothing and footwear (by 3.1%), which decreased this index by 0, 34 percentage points and 0.13 percentage points Higher prices in recreation and culture (by 1.6%), housing (by 0.2%) and restaurants and hotels (by 0.7%) increased the index by 0.10 pp, 0 .05 p.p. and 0.04 percentage point – according to the data of the Central Statistical Office.

Compared to July 2022, higher prices were recorded for food (by 15.6%), housing (by 13.1%) and recreation and culture (by 12.1%), which increased the index by 3.79 p.p. and 3.79 p.p. respectively. percent, 3.26 percentage points and 0.75 percentage point Lower transport prices (by 8.5 percent) decreased this indicator by 0.90 percentage points.

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