In Croatia, they are fighting the insect plague. This method is supposed to work wonders

In Croatia, they are fighting the insect plague.  This method is supposed to work wonders

The plague of mosquitoes in a Croatian municipality is giving everyone a hard time. The authorities in the country are not giving up the fight and are constantly looking for new methods to solve the problem. Now they have something special.

Croatia is definitely a tourist paradise. First of all, Poles like it, who regularly visit, among others, during their holidays. Zadar, Dubrovnik or Split. Fortunately, the problem with mosquitoes does not affect any of the larger cities on a large scale, but the commune called Kneżevi Vinogradia located near Osijek. Nearby there are protected wetlands on the Danube and Drava rivers. The area in the east of the country has been struggling with insects for a long time.

A Croatian municipality fights against mosquitoes

The problem with mosquitoes often affects not only this place, but many others. Croatian cities located on rivers, such as Osijek, have it the worst. This is where the real invasions occur. Insects disturb both residents and tourists. They cannot relax by the water because they are immediately bitten. Although a single bite does not cause serious health effects, sometimes more extensive allergic reactions occur. The site of the sting itches strongly, is swollen, warm, and then a blister appears.

In conversations with foreign media, residents emphasized that it was especially bad after rain. It turns out that they cannot leave their homes because the presence of insects is unbearable.

They have a solution for mosquitoes in Croatia. It works

The plague of mosquitoes in the Croatian commune of Kneževi Vinogradi is so troublesome that the authorities quickly had to find an effective way to combat them. Finally, something was used that works 100 percent against insects. The local portal shared this information at the beginning of the week.

“This year, after consulting experts, we decided on several innovative solutions and included drones for the first time. The first results show that we are on the right track,” said Vedran Kramarić, mayor of the Kneževi Vinogradi commune. It turns out that since drones spray mosquito repellents, positive results are visible. Starting such an action cost the commune PLN 2,000. euro, but thanks to it it turns out that there is a chance for improvement. Croatia will allocate a record EUR 1.9 million for further campaigns of this type. Spraying will also be necessary in Osijek and surrounding cities.

In addition to the technique of spraying insecticides with drones, it is also planned to open a special Mosquito Control Center on site.

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