Iga Świątek’s successor is rising in Poland. It’s worth remembering this name now

Iga Świątek's successor is rising in Poland.  It's worth remembering this name now

It is still difficult to judge at this stage, but another great tennis talent has certainly appeared in Poland. We are talking about Weronika Ewald, who has just won her first title in professional tennis. The player born in 2006 won the same tournament in which Iga Świątek paved the way years ago.

Weronika Ewald defeated Russian Maria Golovina in the final, winning in three sets. The fight was very even, it started with 7:5 for the Pole, then after the tie-break (7:6) Golovina triumphed, winning to five. In the decisive game, no one had any doubts who deserved the title more. Ewald defeated the Russian 6:1. Let us add that the Polish tennis player triumphed in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Weronika Ewald repeated Iga Świątek’s success

The Polish Tennis Association boasted about the Polish woman’s success on social media. The federation emphasized that Ewald was the second youngest Polish winner of an International Tennis Federation (ITF) event. The success was related to the history from several years ago, when Iga Świątek triumphed in an event of a similar rank.

“The young Polish woman is accompanied by her coach, Marcin Domaszewicz, during her series of starts in the Egyptian resort. In September 2018, Iga Świątek won the ITF Tennis W60 in Montreux, at the age of 17 years and 101 days. Weronika is now returning to the country, where she will take part in the national team’s training camp in the Billie Jean King Cup,” we read in the PZT entry.

Interestingly, Ewald was still in the distant 914th place in the ITF ranking on November 27 this year. Thanks to her victory in Egypt, the Pole will certainly move up the world hierarchy. Additionally, participation in the national team’s training camp in the Billie Jean King Cup only shows that in the case of this tennis player, we are dealing with a great talent.

Iga Świątek and all her championship titles

When comparing Ewald to the leader of the WTA ranking, it is worth recalling the latter’s successes. Świątek has won seventeen WTA Tour tournaments in her career so far, which is one level higher than the above-mentioned ITF. Świątek won four Grand Slams, three times at Roland Garros (2020, 2022 and 2023) and once at the US Open (2022).

To this should be added the prestigious triumph in the WTA Finals (2023).

In addition, wins in WTA 1000 tournaments in: Rome (2021, 2022), Doha (2022), Indian Wells (2022), Miami (2022) and Beijing (2023). The list also includes WTA 500 matches: Adelaide (2021), Stuttgart (2022 and 2023), San Diego (2022) and Doha (2023). Plus a Polish accent, WTA 250 in Warsaw (2023).

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