Huge drops in ticket prices to these places. Poles’ favorite countries on the list

Huge drops in ticket prices to these places.  Poles' favorite countries on the list

The Skyscanner search engine revealed which airline tickets saw the largest price drops during the year. Based on this, it is worth planning your vacation in 2024. The list includes tickets to places that Polish tourists love.

It’s no secret that November is the cheapest month to travel. During this period, ticket prices to many interesting places drop, and tourist attractions are not so crowded, so you can visit them in peace.

But have you wondered which airline tickets have become cheaper the most over the last year? Skyscanner has prepared a ranking of places to which you can now fly cheaper than before. There are destinations on the list that will definitely interest you.

Tickets to these places have become cheaper the most

Skyscanner has prepared a list of places to which tickets have become cheaper over the last year. This ranking is a great inspiration for planning your trip next year. The list includes destinations loved by tourists from all over the world. There are also Turkish towns here that Poles love.

To find the most cost-effective travel destinations, Skyscanner looked at its own data and found the places that have seen the biggest drops in airfares over the past year. This is how the list of the best budget travel destinations for 2024 was created.

In first place was the Portuguese Faro, which is located on the popular Algarve coast. It recorded a drop in flight prices by 24%. And this is the biggest reduction recorded by Skyscanner. And what places took the next positions?

The most budgetary destinations for 2024

  1. Faro, Portugal – price drop by 24%.

  2. Algiers, Algeria – price drop by 23%.

  3. Nice, France – price reduction by 19%.

  4. Dalaman, Türkiye – price drop by 13%.

  5. Antalya, Türkiye – price drop by 12%.

  6. Zurich, Switzerland – price drop by 11%.

  7. Boston, USA – 10% reduction.

  8. Los Angeles, USA – 10% reduction.

  9. Frankfurt, Germany – price drop by 9%.

  10. New York, USA – price drop by 9%.

And which places have seen the biggest increase in searches over the last year?

Users started looking for trips to Vigo in Spain – the number of searches in this case increased by 1,235%. They are also interested in Leipzig in Germany (545%), Rimini in Italy (362%), Bydgoszcz in Poland (313%) and Sapporo in Japan (276%). What does the full list of places that are becoming more and more popular look like?

The 10 most popular places in 2024:

  1. Vigo, Spain

  2. Leipzig, Germany

  3. Rimini, Italy

  4. Bydgoszcz, Poland

  5. Sapporo, Japan

  6. Osaka, Japan

  7. Nantes, France

  8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  9. Billund, Denmark

  10. Tokyo, Japan

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