Morawiecki publishes the spot. “This is how Tusk cared about Poland’s security”

Morawiecki publishes the spot.  "This is how Tusk cared about Poland's security"

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki published a spot criticizing the defense policy of the PO-PSL coalition in 2007-2015. – Cuts in the Polish army. Liquidation of military units (…) Do you want to give them Poland back? – we hear in the spot.

There are less than two months left until the elections. We will cast votes for candidates for MPs and senators on Sunday, October 15. The elections will be accompanied by a referendum consisting of four questions.

“Security according to the Civic Platform”

On Tuesday, August 29, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki published a spot that is intended to discourage voters from voting for the Civic Coalition, i.e. the coalition of PO, Nowoczesna, Polish Initiative and the Greens. Reason?

“What should Poland’s security look like according to the Civic Platform? In the referendum, let’s say 4xNo to them,” we read in the Prime Minister’s post on Twitter.

This is about the defense policy implemented by the PO-PSL coalition in power in 2007-2015. Its consequence was the liquidation of over 600 organizational units of the Polish Army and the establishment of defense against an attack from Russia only on the Vistula line.

– Security according to the Civic Platform. Poland’s defense plans were such that we would let the enemy into our own territory. Warsaw as a front city, Suwałki, Białystok, Lublin and Rzeszów razed to the ground (…) Cuts in the Polish army. Liquidation of military units. This is how Donald Tusk cared about Poland’s security (…) Do you want to give Poland back to them? – comments the narrator in the spot.

Tusk years ago: The game of potentials gives us nothing

The spot quotes archival statements for the media from leading PO politicians. These include a statement by Donald Tusk, who served as Prime Minister in 2007-2014.

– The game of potentials consisting of missiles and shields against these missiles does not really give us anything, said Tusk, which brings to mind the abandonment of plans to build an American anti-missile shield in Poland.

Statements of ministers Klich and Siemoniak

The statements of former heads of defense ministries were also recalled: Bogdan Klich (2007-2011) and Tomasz Siemoniak (2011-2015).

– We still have nine more garrisons to liquidate (…) The Minister of National Defense follows all the orders of his superior, Prime Minister Donald Tusk – explained Klich.

– Many units had to be merged and liquidated, not only in the east, throughout Poland. A natural process, said Siemoniak.

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