The steward's recording is a hit on the Internet. It shows 3 rules to safely survive turbulence

The steward's recording is a hit on the Internet.  It shows 3 rules to safely survive turbulence

After a fatal accident involving an airplane passenger, travelers begin to look for information on how to avoid such a situation in the future. What to do in the event of turbulence to stay safe? Just remember the simple rules.

On May 21, shocking information about the death of a passenger on board the plane spread around the world. The plane belonging to Singapore Airlines was on a flight from London to Singapore when it encountered very strong turbulence. They led to injuries among people on board. 20 tourists were injured and one person did not survive the incident.

Not only photos from the plane appeared on the Internet, but also questions about how to behave during turbulence to ensure your safety. One flight attendant decided to record a video about it and shared it on TikTok. His tips are very simple, but travelers often don't remember them.

Can turbulence pose a threat to passengers?

Turbulence occurs when a strong wind current hits the plane, which may shake it or cause it to lower its altitude slightly. According to the observations of Todd Lane, an associate professor at the University of Melbourne, “light turbulence” is quite common. In turn, moderate and severe turbulence is much less common. The last type of turbulence is recorded only 0.0001% of the time. flights around the world.

Although pilots are adept at dealing with turbulence and aircraft are designed to mitigate the sensation, in some cases it can lead to injury and even death. It is worth knowing how to deal with them and “what to do in case of turbulence” to minimize potential damage.

Turbulence is usually stressful for passengers and may even cause panic for some. That's why it's worth knowing how to deal with them. Simple rules will help you avoid unpleasant consequences that turbulence may lead to.

How to behave during turbulence?

Ralph Bediones works as a flight attendant, but he also runs a TikTok account where he explains the secrets of flying. In one recording, he shared the three most important steps you should always take if your plane experiences turbulence. Only they can ensure our safety.

The steward stressed that the key action during turbulence is to “stay calm.” Only this will allow you to act rationally in the event of a potential threat.

It is very important that in the event of turbulence, take the nearest seat as quickly as possible and do not get up. “Don't get up, it could cause an accident and injury,” Ralph warns, noting that under no circumstances should you go to the toilet.

Tiktoker assures that “the captain will notify you when it is safe to move around in the cabin.” In this situation, he will definitely turn on the appropriate signals.

The third and most trivial thing that travelers forget about is fastening their seat belts.

Many people expressed their appreciation for Ralph's video in the comments, thanking him for the “safety reminder” and praising him for providing simple yet invaluable advice.

Do you use them during your flights?

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