Here are the 10 largest developers in Poland. “One million apartments in a decade”

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After the ranking of the largest construction companies that deal with the construction of practically everything, it's time for a more precise construction sector, i.e. companies that deal primarily with the construction of apartments.

Over the last decade, developers operating on the Vistula River have built over a million apartments. The scale may be impressive, but it is still not enough. Experts estimate that there is still a shortage of 2 million premises in Poland.

Developers have been plagued by the same problems for years. Lack of land, long procedures, new regulations. If it weren't for these obstacles, the construction of the estate could take two years, while in Poland a housing investment takes on average five years.

Each apartment offers a full-time job

Private developers build most of the apartments in Poland. According to data from the Central Statistical Office, last year they donated PLN 136.5 thousand. new premises. In second place are individual investors who placed PLN 79.5 thousand. apartments. And finally, social and municipal construction, which delivered just over 4,000. premises.

The Polish Association of Developer Companies estimates that developers' investments may generate a total of PLN 217,000. jobs. Each newly built apartment provides an additional job. These are not only builders, but also architects, plumbers, electricians, real estate agents, conservators and many other professions.

The industry itself drives many others, because the fate of producers of windows, doors, floors, paints, furniture, household appliances and many other products related to the broadly understood construction industry also depends on the number of newly built premises.

According to PZFD, the industry's direct and indirect contribution to Polish GDP may amount to at least 10%.

The three largest developers in Poland

In our ranking, we take into account financial data for 2022 provided by analysts from the Dun&Bradstreet research agency. The results for 2023 are still not precise in several cases, and companies have until mid-year to report them.

The largest developer in terms of revenues is Atal from Silesia, based in Cieszyn. The company belongs to the Juroszek family, who have also been on our List of the 100 richest Poles for years.

A few weeks ago, the company announced that it wants to build 3,000 this year alone. apartments. For now, the market is somewhat suspended in a vacuum between the last contracts involving the government program “Safe 2% Credit”. and waiting for the new “Kredyt na start” program.

Second place went to Groupe Belleforêt S.à rl, controlled by the Luxembourg investment fund. The company focuses on four Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Krakow and Tricity. From the beginning of its existence, i.e. in 1996, until the end of 2022, the company put into operation 46,000. flats and apartments.

Robyg Construction took third place. For two years it has been owned by the German real estate tycoon TAG Immobilien. The Germans bought the developer from the Americans from Goldman Sachs for PLN 2.5 billion. Thanks to this transaction, the new German owner wants to become the leader on the rental apartment market in Poland. The company intends to build the largest portfolio of apartments for rent in the most important Polish cities: Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Tricity, Krakow and Łódź. TAG Immobilien would like to offer over 20,000 by 2028. premises for rent in Poland.

All ten largest developers operating in Poland generated over PLN 8.5 billion in revenues in 2022. None of them made a loss, all of them made a profit. Dom Development earned the most on apartments. And the largest increase in revenues was recorded by JW Construction, a holding company owned by Józef Wojciechowski, which for years also appeared on our List of the 100 richest Poles.

Which other developers made it to the final ten?

The 10 largest developers in Poland

Place company name Revenues 2022 Net profit 2022 Revenue growth 2021/22
1 ATAL SA 1,657,584,000 357,058,000 8,021,000
2 DOM DEVELOPMENT SA 1,414,704,000 373,684,000 179,716,000
3 ROBYG CONSTRUCTION SP Z O O 1,022,724,000 29,607,000 201,842,000
4 SPRAVIA SP Z O O 1,007,471,000 159,177,000 24,245,000
5 MURAPOL SA 1,005,660,000 211 832 -79,556
6 JW CONSTRUCTION HOLDING SA 843 915 222 117 961 540 525 656 392
7 CFE POLSKA SP Z O O 655 833 828 24,378,452 35,998,668
8 PARTNER SA 650 842 929 11,752,752 81 436 139
9 EURO STYL SA 650 518 945 131 364 081 79 915 357
10 HOSSA INVESTMENT GROUP 593 645 743 198 841 196 136 320 940

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