He visited Egypt, Turkey and Greece. He was caught at Chopin Airport due to a false document

He visited Egypt, Turkey and Greece.  He was caught at Chopin Airport due to a false document

The tourist arrived in Poland straight from abroad and wanted to deceive the airport services. He had with him two documents that did not belong to him, one of them false. Only the third one turned out to be right.

This control did not end well for the traveler from Palestine. After he arrived at Warsaw Chopin Airport, he quickly attracted the attention of the officers. It was enough to show the document for the services to become suspicious. It turned out that the man’s ID was Swedish and was marked “lost” in the Interpol and SISR databases. It’s easy to guess that it belonged to another person. Later, more interesting facts came to light.

Scammer at Chopin Airport. He had as many as three documents

The Palestinian in question arrived in Warsaw by plane from Chania, Greece. Everything would be fine if not for the document, which was probably stolen. After officers of the Border Proceedings Team of the Warsaw-Okęcie Border Guard Station discovered the unpleasant fact, they began to check the man more thoroughly.

It quickly turned out that the tourist had a false and forged Romanian document with him. Fortunately, his real passport was also there – he showed it only at the end, when he saw that he had no other choice. The fraudster admitted that he paid four thousand euros for a fake Romanian ID and an original Swedish one belonging to another person. The Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit informed the media about the unusual discovery.

Tourist detained. He broke the law

The whole action did not end well for the Palestinian. This is another situation that proves that it is not worth trying fraud at both border crossings and airports. Using documents that are not your own will almost always come to light. It was similar in the case of Ronaldinho, who was detained in Paraguay. Then, as now, it was not without consequences.

Although the Palestinian wanted to reach Belgium, his journey was interrupted. Now he is facing serious problems. “Due to the circumstances justifying the issuance of a decision obliging the foreigner to return and crossing the border of the Republic of Poland contrary to the provisions of the law, the man was detained,” the Border Guard officers said in press releases.

During the investigation, other interesting facts came to light. It turned out that the tourist escaped from Palestine in August 2023 and went to Egypt, then got to Turkey, and from there he crossed the sea to Greece. The destination was Belgium, because his brother was there. “The Commander of PSG Warszawa-Okęcie initiated administrative proceedings to oblige the Palestinian to return, ending with the issuance of an appropriate decision, and additionally ruling on a three-year entry ban to the territory of Poland and Schengen countries,” the release said.

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