Freezing electricity prices. Kaczyński announces the draft bill

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The president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, announced that his party will submit to the Sejm a draft law freezing energy prices at the current level.

PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński announced on Thursday that he would submit a bill to the Sejm regarding freezing energy prices. In his explanation, he emphasized that the goal was to extend protection for citizens who could be affected by the increases until the end of the year. “We have already submitted nine draft bills, and today we want to present the tenth one, which concerns (…) improving the standard of living of Poles,” Kaczyński said during a press conference. He emphasized that the aim of the act is to maintain energy prices at the current level until the end of the year. “Freezing energy prices is a plan that we are currently implementing,” said the PiS leader.

Energy prices will increase

The government plans to unfreeze energy prices after June 30, while striving to minimize the effects of increases on consumers. According to information provided by “Rzeczpospolita”, a proposal is being considered that requires the involvement of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). According to newspaper reports, the government plan is based on a call from the President of the Energy Regulatory Office to submit an application to energy companies to change tariffs for the second half of 2024.

Currently, the maximum limit for annual electricity consumption, which guarantees an unchanged price, is 1.5 MWh for households, 1.8 MWh for disabled people and 2 MWh for farmers and larger families. People whose consumption falls within these limits pay bills at a rate not exceeding PLN 412 per megawatt hour of energy.

Lower raises?

After June 30, the electricity rate is expected to increase to approximately PLN 739 per MWh. This means that a household that consumes between 2 and 2.5 MWh of energy annually can expect an increase in the bill for the second half of the year ranging from PLN 327 to over PLN 490. Such calculations are based on data provided by the Energy Regulatory Office.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, stated that the government aims to ensure that the increase in energy prices for households does not exceed PLN 30 per month after June 30, which would translate into a maximum increase in the bill by PLN 180 over the next six months.

“The ministry will present specific proposals in the near future. The solutions we are working on will take into account the changing market situation and the need for a gradual return to normal market functioning, and at the same time will protect recipients, especially the most sensitive ones, against excessive increases in burdens,” we read in a statement sent to “Rzeczpospolita” by the Ministry of Climate. .

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