Harsh comments after Dagmara Kaźmierska's statement. “You ran a brothel”

Harsh comments after Dagmara Kaźmierska's statement.  "You ran a brothel"

Many people did not like Dagmara Kaźmierska's words. One of the journalists reacted to it in a decisive way.

Dagmara Kaźmierska has been making a career on television for years. First, she attracted attention in “Queens of Life”, then she moved to Polsat, where she received the format “Dagmara is looking for a husband”, and finally she took part in “Dancing with the Stars”. At the same time, she had thousands of fans who apparently made her receive the most votes from episode to episode of the dance show. Although she has never hidden her criminal past, the details of her case have only just been revealed. Now the celebrity is facing harsh opinions.

Harsh comments about Dagmara Kaźmierska

It must be admitted that as soon as Dagmara Kaźmierska's participation in “Dancing with the Stars” was announced, many people did not hide their outrage. Knowing that she had spent several months in prison for pimping, they did not understand why such a person was promoted in the media. Others, in turn, defended the celebrity, explaining that it was over for her and she was now a different person.

The fact is that the 49-year-old did not hide her past and even wrote two books about it. Only now, however, did the “Goniec” portal reveal the details of her case, stating that, while running the “Haidi” escort agency years ago, Dagmara Kaźmierska not only beat an employee and ordered her to rape her, but also beat up another woman – this time a pregnant woman. After that, programs with the “Queen of Life” were removed from the network, and journalists were forbidden to ask about her during Sunday's semi-final of “Dancing with the Stars”.

Afterwards, the celebrity herself issued a statement in which she wrote that she “is only human” and “never hid the fact that she ran a social club.” In her post on Instagram, she emphasized: “A social club, not a place to oppress women” and announced that she would soon speak up and explain everything. However, her post immediately attracted a lot of comments, including: entry by journalist Damian Maliszewski. The man didn't mince his words.

“Ms. Dagmara, I haven't commented until today, because many people have said it, sometimes bluntly, but I will allow myself to say a few words. «Social club»? Really? You ran a brothel where you profited from the prostitution of young women. I refer you to the case files,” he began.

“With this statement, you not only added fuel to the fire, but confirmed that you are unreliable. Because if you call a social club a criminal activity for which you were behind bars, I am not convinced that you deserve to be heard,” he added, further recalling the shocking reportage of “Goniec” and the case files.

“You could have played it differently. Write that she regrets that she has changed, that she feels sorry for the hurt girls, but you didn't do it. Instead of a wise statement, we read about a “social club” and an injured “queen”. My hands drop. You really don't feel sorry for those lost girls you recruited to the brothel? Their lives are now ruined forever,” he sharply concluded.

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