GTA 6 presentation this week? There are more leaks

GTA 6 - we know the release date?  There are new leaks

Rockstar Games may show GTA 6 later this week. The latest leaks reveal the specific date and what we can expect in the first gameplay trailer.

The Internet is buzzing with rumors regarding the release of the first trailer of GTA 6. The presentation of the highly anticipated game may take place even this week. Anonymous sources even provide descriptions of the entire material.

GTA 6 show on October 26? This is what the leaks say

On Reddit, new data is provided by two informants whose stories seem to match. A certain FollowTheDamnLeakCJ argues that the presentation will take place on October 26, 2023, which was supposedly told to him by… his wife working at Rockstar Games. The second source is Calvins48, who also confirms the date and swears that he has seen the trailer that the company plans to show twice.

Interestingly, both leakers have very similar information, not only regarding the presentation date, but also individual scenes from the trailer that Rockstar is to show. This can be treated as confirmation of the veracity of this information, although of course one cannot be too attached to the leaked data.

In the GTA 6 trailer itself, we are supposed to see many unconnected scenes. The material will start with a shot of water, sounds of nature and an alligator. Next we are supposed to hear the song “Thats’s All” by Genesis. We will then see night shots of Vice City, a scene in a nightclub, a shot by the pool and finally the game’s characters. Jason and Lucia are supposed to lie in the convertible.

Subsequently, we will see even a dozen or so very quick reprints. The finale is set to end with a very short dialogue between the characters, including Jason asking “what is Lucia willing to lose?”

Rockstar employee with a false start. Showed a new logo related to GTA 6?

Fans have also independently discovered another detail that may indicate the imminent presentation of GTA 6. On LinkedIn, a certain Dylan McCrone decided to make his account more attractive and change the banner in the background.

A graphic designer working at Rockstar Games showed the company’s logo, but in a very neon aesthetic and pink color. This footage has never been seen anywhere else and would fit very well with the Miami vibe that Vice City is intended to convey in GTA 6.

It is possible that the employee rushed the presentation of new graphics by a few days. Shortly after Internet users discovered the information, his entire account was deleted, which is quite puzzling. At the same time, Dylan McCrone can still be found on LinkedIn, although his profile picture has changed. Therefore, an alternative explanation cannot be ruled out: the procedure was not a mistake and someone created a fake account for fun or to spread disinformation.

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