Greta almighty? “He rises to the rank of a secular saint. It’s disturbing”

Greta almighty?  “He rises to the rank of a secular saint.  It's disturbing”

In the pro-ecological narrative, we are dealing with religious schemes, such as paradise, i.e. a world without industry, secular saints – i.e. environmental activists, e.g. Greta Thunberg, Satan – for some pro-ecological circles it will be, for example, nuclear energy, for others – GMOs. The original sin in this system is any human influence on the environment. When activity for nature conservation becomes a religion, the end of the world seems to be getting closer, says Dr. Karolina Królikowska, a specialist in the field of nature conservation.

Krystyna Romanowska: Why did some of us so eagerly believe that 20-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg contributed to the arrest of Andrew Tate, a former kick-boxer and alleged pimp?

Dr. Karolina Królikowska: Because we like happy endings and we want to believe in justice. Earlier, Greta had very intelligently and bitingly responded to Tate’s declaration of having a fleet of cars with a huge carbon footprint. Asking him to send her a car list to an email address that, to put it mildly, was not conducive to Tate’s masculinity.

The audience was getting ready for a spectacular finale straight from good action movies. We wanted Greta Thunberg’s “Wonder Woman” to punish the climate denialist even more severely. And so it happened – by a strange twist of fate – it happened. Tate was quickly arrested by the police. So everything pointed to the fact that there was some merit of Greta in this.

There was a statement on the Internet that it was because of the box with the name of the pizzeria in the photo, which proved that Tate was in Romania – ergo, his Twitter photo with which he wanted to humiliate Greta became a double-edged sword for him

Romanian police, however, denied online rumors about a pizza box that was supposed to lead officers to the criminal’s trail.

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