Prepare the dogwood soup. This is a “noble” tincture that prevents anemia

Prepare the dogwood soup.  This is a "noble" tincture that prevents anemia

Dereniówka, i.e. dogwood tincture, is also called “noble” because it was served at noble manor houses and palaces. It was valued for its beautiful color, delicious taste and health-promoting effects, e.g. preventing anemia and strengthening immunity.

Cornelian dogwood, also called edible dogwood (Cornus mas), is a shrub or small tree. It comes from south-eastern and central Europe and western Asia. Due to its health-promoting properties, but also its beautiful appearance, it is cultivated in many countries, including Poland. Dogwood berries have a distinctive tart flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of cherries or cranberries. They can be harvested from July to October.

Dogwood tincture – which fruits are the best?

Dark red, burgundy fruits are best for tincture, because then they are the most aromatic and sweet. It is best to collect those that fall from the bush. If we buy fruits, it is best to separate the light ones from the dark ones. The dark ones are best used to make tincture, and the light ones to make, for example, compote. Preparing the tincture is not difficult, but you have to remember that you have to put it aside for a few months before it is ready for consumption. Therefore, it is worth preparing it now.

IMPORTANT: Dogwood tinctures should not be drunk by children, pregnant women and other people who, for various reasons, cannot drink alcohol. According to the WHO, there is no safe amount of alcohol.

Recipe: Dereniówka

Dogwood tincture. Proven recipe.

Type of cuisine
Preparation time
30 minutes.
Number of servings


  • 1 kilogram of edible dogwood fruit
  • 1 liter of spirit
  • 1 kilogram of sugar
  • 1 liter of water

A method of preparing

  1. Prepare the fruitFor the preparation of cornelian cherry, choose ripe, red, blemish-free and undamaged fruit. They need to be washed and dried.
  2. Prick the fruit with a toothpickPrick the fruit with a toothpick. Thanks to this, they will effectively release the juices and the flavor and aroma contained in them.
  3. Soak the fruit in alcoholSoak the fruit in alcohol. Store the tightly closed jar in a cool, shaded place for a month. After this time, pour the alcohol into another container and set aside. Sprinkle the fruit with sugar, cover the jar with a cloth or gauze and set aside for a few days.
  4. Combine fruit with alcoholDrain the fruit thoroughly and mix the juice with sugar thoroughly with the alcohol that was previously poured over the dogwood.
  5. Filter the fruitThe fruit should be left for a week, then filtered.
  6. Set the dogwood aside for a few monthsLeave the finished tincture for at least half a year. In order for cornelian vodka to gain flavor and strength, it can be aged for several years.

Pro-health effect of cornelian cherry

Although dogwood fruits contain little flesh, they contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants and iron. This is why cornelian vodka is credited with helping fight anemia, it was also drunk to prevent this disease. Consuming dogwood was also recommended to women struggling with too heavy menstruation, during which they lose valuable iron for the body. Dogwood fruit tincture was also used as an antipyretic, for colds and to increase the body’s immunity. It is indicated that it is helpful in the treatment of colds and flu infections. Thanks to the content of organic acids, phytoncides and other active compounds, it is used in stomach ailments, diarrhea and stomach colic. It also speeds up metabolism, which is why it is recommended for people struggling with overweight and obesity.

How to use dogwood fruits in the kitchen?

Dogwood fruit, after freezing, can be eaten raw or used for sauces. They perfectly enhance the taste of venison and other meats. They are also suitable for preparing preserves from them, for example jams, preserves, syrups, juices. They are also used to make candy fillings.

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