TikTok almost like Candy Crush Saga. The app has made a fortune

TikTok almost like Candy Crush Saga.  The app has made a fortune

TikTok is the highest-grossing non-game mobile app. The social networking site has surpassed $10 billion in revenue.

No non-game mobile app in history has ever made as much money as TikTok. The social networking site was the first to cross the psychological barrier of $10 billion.

TikTok broke a record

The application not only broke the $10 billion revenue mark, but it was the first to do so without a micropayment system known from mobile games. Experts analyzing the market say that it may soon become the best-earning application in general, even taking into account the four most popular games, and the competition is fierce.

The first four places in the ranking are occupied by Candy Crush Saga (also very popular in Poland “balls”) from the giant Activision Blizzard, Honor of Kings by Chinese Tencent, Master Strike by Mixi and Clash of Clans by Supercell. All of these games support very complex micropayment systems, where players can pay to unlock additional in-game content. TikTok does not have such systems. So how did he earn so much money?

Tips for creators

The application allows you to tip your favorite creators. A small part of the payments from users stays in TikTok, which, given the scale of the website’s popularity, adds up to huge amounts. Experts estimate that TikTok’s revenue may exceed $15 billion by 2024. The most popular form of payment among website users is a set of digital currency that can be purchased for $19.99. The company admits that this package is responsible for a quarter of the company’s revenues.

The next places in the ranking among applications that have the potential to achieve $10 billion in revenue were chosen by experts as dating Tinder and YouTube’s mobile application.

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