Grain embargo. Telus on “European lobbying”

Grain embargo.  Telus on "European lobbying"

Since the ban on grain imports from Ukraine was introduced, the amount of raw material transited through Poland has almost doubled, said the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, on Polish Radio 24.

“We need to build mechanisms together that will make Ukrainian products go where they went before the war. Wherever you need them. These solidarity corridors that we have built are working,” said the Minister of Agriculture, Robert Telus, on Polskie Radio 24. He added that in February 114,000 people passed through Poland. tons of grain, in March 120 thousand tons, in June, after the ban was introduced, over 260 thousand. tone.

Ministers meeting

Next week, Minister Telus is scheduled to meet with the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, Mykola Solski. The aim of the meeting is to develop common mechanisms for trade in Ukrainian grain after the European Union lifted the embargo and some frontline countries, including Poland, decided not to adapt to the new rules.

“I am surprised that the European Union makes such decisions, not based on data, but purely political. European lobbying influences what is happening, the media criticizes us for breaking the law and trying to start a conflict with Ukraine. And we simply stand on the side of the Polish farmer,” commented Telus.

Grain embargo

The decision of the Polish government to extend the ban on importing grain from Ukraine into Poland, despite a different decision of the European Commission, led to a dispute between Kiev and Warsaw.

On Monday, the Ukrainian authorities announced that Poland, Hungary and Slovakia would be punished by Ukraine for extending the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. As Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said, if the three countries mentioned do not implement the findings of the European Commission, Ukraine will respond with a retaliatory embargo. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the actions of the two governments violate the rules of the International Trade Organization.

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