Google Maps update. The application will better protect users’ privacy

Google Maps update.  The application will better protect users' privacy

Google Maps will receive another update soon. The latest enhancement will introduce new privacy features.

From time to time, our favorite mobile applications receive an update that introduces new, more or less expected functions. After the artificial intelligence improvements brought by the previous Google Maps update, now it’s time for privacy protection features.

Google Maps update. What’s new?

We have just learned that the most popular map application in the world in its latest version will significantly better protect location information, which will significantly improve user safety.

The most important novelty in the upcoming version of Google Maps will be the ability to store the history of places visited by the user and their completed routes directly in the device’s memory. Until now, this type of information was stored on Google servers, but soon it will be possible to save it locally on one device. Only when we want to access them from other devices will we be able to send an appropriate copy of the data to Google servers. Moreover, this time information on servers will use end-to-end encryption.

The new Google Maps update will also introduce faster access to some useful features related to information about our locations. The appropriate update – simultaneously in versions for iOS and Android devices – is to be available for download in early 2024.

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